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Hardware / Re: Latest EXOS?
« on: 2020.November.01. 19:18:12 »
Excellent, will give it a go.

Hardware / Re: Latest EXOS?
« on: 2020.November.01. 17:17:52 »
thanks, i've done that and see the flavour i want - 'exos24uk.rom' which i assume is Zozo's latest? either way just wondering what format these are in as i want to write it to a 27c512 EPROM. are they 'BIN'? can i just write straight to EPROM?

Hardware / Latest EXOS?
« on: 2020.November.01. 14:36:36 »
Hello, is this the latest EXOS?

EXOS 2.4 Beta 5

Interface / Re: SD card interface
« on: 2017.October.28. 17:43:13 »
I'd like to order one - please add me to the list!

Hardware / Re: Your Enterprise configuration?
« on: 2007.June.19. 21:04:54 »
Heres my current set up
Nice! :-)
What is the serial number of your machine?

I have just updated my post with the serial number.

Hardware / Re: Your Enterprise configuration?
« on: 2007.June.19. 20:41:38 »

Heres my current set up - thanks to Zozosoft and Bagpuss for all the help!

Its a 128 with EXOS 2.3 (English version!) - Microteam EXDOS card with 512K - Single 720k drive - Qwerty keyboard conversion.
My EP has a box and Hungarian manual - will swap the manual if anyone has the English version!

Serial Number: 04383

The Microteam EXDOS card has an extra edge connector ready for another card...

Other topics / Colon commands
« on: 2007.June.14. 16:42:40 »
Hi, is there an extensive list of : commands documented anywhere? eg. :help etc

This looks great!   :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

i cant wait to start using it.

thanks for all your hard work.

Other topics / Re: Unofficial EXOS versions
« on: 2007.May.17. 09:59:11 »
HOLD: pause the test for reading the Help screen :-) sorry now hungarian, but if anyone need I will make english version :-)
Jackleather wanted it :-)



Hardware / Re: ZX Spectrum Emulator Card
« on: 2007.May.14. 21:58:41 »
Just to let you know that the Spectrum Emulator hardware
design is currently being finished off  :razz:  :razz:

This is going to consist of a single CPLD and a PROM.

Have had major issues getting the hardware design sorted as
engineers here are hard to get time from, but we are getting


Russ P.

Hi Russ!

This is good news!

how many boards will you make?

p.s. the QWERTY keyboard is still working well - thanks again!

Wanted / Re: English keyboard, manuals and edge connectors
« on: 2007.April.14. 20:39:01 »
OK, i got my UK QWERTY layout - thanks to Bagpuss22.

just thought i would share my experiences. The main thing is; not all keys are equal, that is they are 'keyed'. when i tried to swap 'Z' and 'Y' i found that they have grooves that mean they are not inter-changeable. So i had to use the Z and Y from the keyboard sent by Bagpuss.

All working fine now, but this might be useful to someone else.


Hardware / Re: Changing The Default Language to :UK
« on: 2007.April.14. 18:52:22 »
How many ROM chips in your cartridge?
In the most of german cartridges you see two ROM chips.
The part number '08-46' is the IS-BASIC, '08-59' is the german extension.
Simply remove the german chip :-)

That did it thanks!  :lol:

I had two ROM chips (one ROM one EPROM) just like the picture.

Hardware / Changing The Default Language to :UK
« on: 2007.April.14. 14:45:00 »
Hi All, now i have a UK keyboard thanks to Bagpuss22  :ds_icon_cheesygrin: (i had german before) i was wondering how i make :uk default, so i dont have to type it each time i start up. Is it a jumper or is it the actual ROM image?

Wanted / Re: Middle Men
« on: 2007.March.20. 16:49:00 »
The Middle Men i used on the Japanese Yahoo site had a system of feedback also. these could be in the for of testimonials left once a transaction is complete. So a trading session would look like this;

1. Mr Prise post in 'For Sale' forum
Enterprise 128 for sale.
postage cost

2. i would PM Mr Prise
'i will take the Enterprise you are selling for the asking price'

3. Mr Prise would then PM me
saying 'OK' or 'Sorry its sold' or 'OK, please pay with paypal etc'.

4. i send the payment and address to Mr Prise via PM

5. Mr Prise sends the Enterprise to me.

6. once we are happy we leave feedback in the same thread with our experiences...

This process would allow other forum users to heckle over pricing and form some sort of level playing field.

Plus - you could have a sticky thread concerning bad experiences and rough price guides for EP items...

Wanted / Re: Middle Men
« on: 2007.March.20. 15:19:55 »
Hm. Maybe I did not read your post carefully.
You wrote sell/trade. Do you mean that making business (earn profit) of trading/selling EP and its extensions?

Hi MrPrise!

I dont wish to make any profit!

Let me give you an example. Maybe we could set up a sub forum 'For Sale'. This forum could contain translation of auctions from the Hungarian auction sites that pertain to EP stuff. If i wanted that item then the person who posted the item could bid on the item on my behalf (with a maximum price set by me) - if they won they i would pay them the amount + postage + commission. all this could be done using IRC or even using private messages (PM).

Alternatively if you, for example, have a Cassette of software that you would like to sell you could offer it in that sub forum. if i wanted it i could PM you...

the only problem is the language barrier.

does this make sense?

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