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Játékok / Re: Bounty Bob strikes back
« on: 2022.August.09. 17:36:56 »
Kérlek olvasd el a linken elérhető kezelési utasítást! Szerintem segítenie kellene.

A linkelt oldalról:
"Press 2 to enter this mode on the Spectrum home computers. There are
different game parameters you can adjust."

 Hiába nyomkodom a 2-es vagy F2-es gombokat. Semmi.

Játékok / Re: Bounty Bob strikes back
« on: 2022.August.08. 17:18:29 »

On the diskette we only have 3 files. The loading game, the loading screen and the game itself. (and also a TRN for ethernal life)
I got my Bounty Bob version from the ep128.hu.

Játékok / Re: Bounty Bob strikes back
« on: 2022.August.08. 11:06:35 »
I found some description on the INTERNET as szipucsu says there is a hidden menu on the opening screen for this codes, where we can put the code. But there is no text, which button has to be pressed.

On the atari version: "On the game adjustment screen, there is an option labeled "Special Codes" where you can enter a number from 0 to 65,535. Enter one of the following numbers and press OPTION for some secret messages:"

 There is no game adjustment screen. We have only a screen with the name of the programmers, where the birds put the letters on the screen.

Játékok / Bounty Bob strikes back
« on: 2022.August.07. 20:45:12 »
English version below.

 Játszottunk a gyerkőccel a Bounty bob játékkal. A harmadik pálya után mutatott egy képet, ahol az üzenet az volt, hogy "Special code: IHB" és nem ment tovább.
Nyomkodtunk minden billentyűt, és és a joystickot is, de semmi.

 Mit kellene tenni?
 Egyébként az "IHB" kódot hol lehet beírni? Mert a ponttáblázatba beírva ugyanúgy az első szinten kezdett.

English ver:

 We played Bounty Bob with my doughter. After the 3. level we got a picture with the message "Special code: IHB" and the game stopped.
We pressed every button and the joystick as well, but nothing happened.

 What shoud we do?
 Anyway, where can I use the "IHB" code? After reloading the game I tried to put that code into the score table, but this way it starts also the 1. level.

Programozás / Re: Exdos használata
« on: 2022.May.23. 18:12:56 »
A kezettánál átlagban mennyi? Ha a szünetekkel együtt kiátlagoljuk?
Mintha 30kb egyetlen fájlból 5 perc alatt töltődött volna be. Az 102,4 Byte/sec körül van.

Szerk: Eszembe jutott, hogy az EXDOS-van van ramdisk. Az mennyivel tudja írni/olvasni magát?

Programozás / Re: Exdos használata
« on: 2022.May.23. 15:49:36 »
Valaki meg tudja mondani, mennyi az írási/olvasási sebesség egy 720K floppy esetében Enterprise-on?

That DMA in video memory is a freakish idea. Good luck to anyone trying to realise it. Snails are having aching bellies because of laughter.

There are many ways to realize direct memory access to NICK's memory.
 The one would be to replace the onboard 64k with a dual port memory. It can be a SD-ram with interleaving, or a real dual port memory.

 The other possibility to would be to take the behaviour-description from KYP's FPGA project, and make it as an external NICK. Because the external NICK would have it's 64K memory, the direct memory access is also possible without changing the EP board.

 In that external NICK scenario it would be possible to extend the 64KB of video memory to 512K or more to have full PAL (720 x 576 pixels) resolution, which takes 720*576*1byte=405 KB memory.
 With dual port memory it is also possible to share the whole 4 MB of the EP memory with the NICK.

The stuffs you mentioned are great, but if it is realized, our beloved EP is not an EP anymore.

 I do not concur your oppinion. We need some new cool stuff where we can develop in our free time.
 It is also cool to test new hardware. See what the accelerator with the EP can do.

 You don't have to use the accelerator all the time. Just if you want to develop or play some new made games.

 My dream is for example a MP3 player in the background from the EP Speaker, while I run my recently made matrix code in basic.
 For that I just need a registred User-Interupt, and some data communication with the accelerator, and a SD-card floppy drive.


Magyar fordítás később (Hungarian translation comming soon)

I was thinking today, how it would be possible to accelerate the Enterpriste like a GPU in a PC doing nowdays.

 We have a slow speed Z80 with lack of integer multiplication/division and floating point math calculation. There are mathematical instructions built-in in the ROM, but the routines are very slow it takes more CPU cycle to execute.
 Also there is no built-in sprite handling in the video processor (Nick).

 Various demos from the recent years are already showed us, that the Enterprise would be capable to show a cutting edge pictures and/or sounds, the only problem that the calculations are too slow, because of the missing instruction set.

 My idea would be a hardware, which uses 4+ free segments of the EP memory, and capable of receive memory mapped I/Os, and also memory blocks for manipulation.
 Certain memory would be dedicated to matematical instructions, other ones for fast memory block operations.

 Let's see some examples:
- Trigonometrical and floating point instructions
 Z80 does not have any "higher" mathematical instuctions like multiplication, division, sin(x) cos(x) , matrix table calculation.. or just even 32bit instructions.
 This instructions are mandatory for first person shooter games, like Total eclipse, Driller, Dark Side where a lot of coordination transformation is happening during movement.
 Imagine that the Mandelbrot picture in is basic will be ready in hundred milliseconds.
 Or a raytracing image rendering in seconds instead of 30 minutes (with turbo) see: https://enterpriseforever.com/video/raytrace/

- Fast memory block copy and manipulation (for sprites)
 In the hw accelerator memory we can store big background pictures and multiple small pictures (sprites) with masks. And the Z80 is going to tell the movement of a small picture (sprites) and the animation phases, and the accelerator makes the actual frame. The only task for Z80 is to copy all or part of the picture into the video memory. For 2D or 3D games it could be handy.

- Data compresson acceleration
 Nowdays we have many efficient working codecs from the PC world, so the pictures/sounds can be compressed very compact. We have not much memory for the Enterpise, so hi-deteiled interlaced pictures or trailing videos in game chapters could be played fast.
 The Z80 could extract the compressed filed and copy to the video memory just-in-time.

The "Hardware Accelerator" could be a fast FPGA which execute all the instructions in 200MHz. So the Z80 gets the result after it's request immediately.

Probably there are much more things/instructions, which would be nice to have, unfortunately I have no more idea right now.

 The pictures from SlashNet are SVG Data which is a vectorgraphical format. All the printing company uses this format because it is scalable to almost any size. Before printing it will be rasterzed to dots. So the inkjet printer can put small dots on the paper.
  The rasterisation is one way process, a rasterized image cannot be converted to vector, that's why scanning a printed image does not help to reprint it.
  The only way to get back the original vectorgraphical picture is, to redraw it.

 The other problem is, that the resterized dots (made by inkjet printer) are placed in a random pattern. Every color placed in a different place (the 3 main color i mean) so a high resolution scan would show a lot of dots on a screen, which has to be blurred first.

 I am telling this informations, because someone threw up the idea to reproduce original box of the EP.

For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2022.April.26. 09:57:25 »
I also have a story. It is not ebay, it was a hungarian flea market website with fixed prices.
 The guy (probably an old man with very bad grammatic) sold 7 pieces commodore cassette-tape with games. Multiple games on both side of the cassette like Raid over Moscow, and another big titles from that era. (The cassette was a pirate copy, not an original one)
 He was offering a casette for 270 Euro. So the whole 7 was total ca 2000 Euro.
 I was asking him, if it was a mistake.
 He told me no, he think these are very fantasic games from that era, and it worth every penny. And nowdays it is hard to find.
 He was asking me to call him, he wanted describe, how well these games are.

 I wrote back him, that these games are available online nowdays, so anyone can copy it into a casette for 4 Euro (The unopened cassettes are expensive nowdays, at least in Hungary).
 He did not answered my message. Probably I broke his little world. :D

 I think he was a isolated insane guy, who selected the price without checking other offers, or the fact that we can find almost any software on the internet for free.

Játékok / Re: Jatek cimere nem emlekszem
« on: 2022.February.01. 22:47:51 »
Volt egy basicben írt táblás játék, aminek az kezdő ábrája valahogy úgy nézett ki mint a mit a csatolmányba tettem. A bábuk biztos így néztek ki.
Úgy működött, hogy meg lehetett adni egy betű-szám cellát és feltöltötte a mezőket. De csak olyan üres mezőt lehetett megadni, ami egy meglévő saját bábu és közte lévő sok ellenséges bábu után volt. Az ellenséges bábut felül is írta.
Úgy kezdődött talán a játék előtti információ, hogy "A japán go nevű játékhoz hasonlít".
Amíg a gép gondolkozott, bekapcsolta a magnót, hogy addig zenét lehessen hallgatni, mert mindig nagyon sokáig dolgozott.
Vajon mi lehetett ennek a játéknak a neve?

Megtaláltam a kazettát. Az volt a neve hogy "stratégia". Még nem olvastam be, de majd nemsokára megteszem.

Játékok / Re: Jatek cimere nem emlekszem
« on: 2022.January.20. 23:03:45 »
What about chess? Can you play it? Did you win against cyrus II computer on EP?

Játékok / Re: Jatek cimere nem emlekszem
« on: 2022.January.20. 15:21:44 »
Did you tried the middle game what you linked in your last post?
It asks if you are in advanced level. Then you choose that, and can set 20MHz Z80 frequency in the emulator, to make the computer faster.
 I am curious what is experince.

Játékok / Re: Jatek cimere nem emlekszem
« on: 2022.January.20. 11:36:24 »
I relized play against the computer is not fun. He calculates how he can get the 4 corner.
 Like the chess, he will find what you forgot and makes a move.
 Maybe this is the reason why these games was not popular that time. The "human" parameter was missing from the equation.
 Yesterday I realized that Cyrus Chess II difficulty Level 1 is still very strong for a beginner player. The computer does not let me to win. There was 2 options: loose or draw.

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