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Closed topics / Re: Selling my boxed EP128
« on: 2008.January.02. 18:37:00 »
Well, it's a collector's item as well nowadays rather than a computer for use (for me as a demoscener at least).
In the end it sold for 160€ on ebay.

For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2007.November.09. 22:36:40 »

Closed topics / Selling my boxed EP128
« on: 2007.November.01. 02:41:56 »
I'm selling my Enterprise 128 for good, since I figured emulators do the job for me.
Content and condition see pictures, machine works great.
Minimum price: 100€
Will ship worldwide
Send offers to MOS6502C [at] gmail [dot] com
If there are no offers til next wednesday (2007-11-07) it will end up on eBay

Wanted / Looking for periphery and a boxed computer for my collection
« on: 2006.November.05. 22:28:21 »
See topic ...
namely I mean a disk drive, tape drive and/or CD-Rom/HDD
would be really great and appreciated if the disk/tape were originals made by Enterprise back in the 80's

Also ... being a retro computer collector ... I'm looking for a boxed EP64/EP128 which I could expose in my collection.

On a side-note: I already own a boxed EP128, but I'd prefer to use that one (as it's not in the very best optical condition) and have another to expose ... maybe one of you still owns some unsold stock or knows where to get some ... offers would be greatly appreciated.

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