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Programming / Re: ScoreTrack, Vilmos Kopácsy MIDI attempt
« on: 2020.February.26. 22:52:36 »
When I wrote SDEXT I expected expansion card version of SD interface also will be released.

Oh, that's new information. Nice work.

Programming / Re: ScoreTrack, Vilmos Kopácsy MIDI attempt
« on: 2020.February.26. 21:54:47 »
SD can work at any segment. Probably wrote by more better programmer than the 'a' Studio programmers :twisted:

Gflorez made a external cartridge bay, where another memory area decoded to the inserted cartridge. As I see the SymbOS also worked.

Ohohohohoooo! So the trick is there :) I couldn't get the point how can work anywhere when it needs the cartridge port. Clever!

But anyway, I would still prefer (If i had ... hehehehehe) the cartridge port for SD, it's nice, not so "intrusive" and "out of machine" feeling sticking everywhere a full death-star size add-on of connected PCBs in right angle :) Sorry it meant to be funny, please do not take it seriously :) However remapping the cartridge port itself would be an interesting project as well, by some internal jumpers or whatever, which allows standard cartridges (connects to real cartridge port) allowed to be mapped to some other area of the memory map, than 4-7 segments ...

Programming / Re: ScoreTrack, Vilmos Kopácsy MIDI attempt
« on: 2020.February.26. 20:49:11 »
The SD reader has been created segment independent, so moving it would be the better logical step. You can ask Zozo a demonstration of an external cartridge port adapter(hand made by me following his instructions) that can be positioned on any 64KB boundary by jumpers. The SD reader works comfortably on any position.

Hmm I'm not sure. What about SymbOS, probably others in the future, using SD-card hardware directly, without its ROM? Or is it written well enough to work even that? Also, I am not sure, but SD-card cartridge connects to the cartridge port, so it cannot see other segments than what assigned for that cartridge port ... but I can be wrong here! Surely, the situation is different in the expansion port ... I guess it's still easier to modify this ROM of the MIDI stuff still. Or is it ....

EDIT: oh, or do you mean that using another segment, not 6,7, since IIRC 4 segments can be used for a cartridge having 16 bit address bus exposed IIRC in the second 64K of physical address space of EP, so maybe 4,5,6,7 segments?

What is needed is "somebody" skilled enough(probably you, not me...) to overcome the Scoretrack development, because the segment-dependent issue is the minor of its problems.  It is unfinished on a lot of its options. For example, it only plays MIDI OUT, not saves nor plays IN-coming data.

Another issue is the lack of a MIDI compatible file mode, so I think that Vilmos used an external converter to pass real MIDI data to the program.

It is an almost "silent" program, when playing it does nothing on the screen, it doesn't move the pages of the sheet music or mark the played keys on the keyboard at the screen. There is not a metronome to mark the rhythm.

Its file manager is incompatible with the language Roms(BRD, HUN, ESP, etc).

It would be great to add mouse control.

Surely there are more things to fix than these.

Probably more easy to write a new software? Also for being "silent" on the screen can be because of lack of CPU power to do fancy things, or EP would loose some MIDI events meanwhile?

Programming / Re: ScoreTrack, Vilmos Kopácsy MIDI attempt
« on: 2020.February.26. 19:46:19 »
Just for curiosity: would it be hard to modify the ROM that it wouldn't be segment-dependent, ie no need for fixed 6/7 segment all the time? As far as I can imagine that is kinda an unfortunate because of the SD-card cartridge.

Programozás / Re: EPNET driver SymbOS-hoz
« on: 2020.February.23. 18:15:25 »
A felreertesek elkerulese vegett, tehat: a fenti output.bin _NEM_ epnet driver :) Egyszeruen a SymbOS localhost nevu drivere (ami neve alapjan valszeg net hardware nelkul lehetove teszi a gepen beluli kommunikaciot pl ket app kozott max ...), csak eppen RASM-al trukkozve, hogy elso korben lehessen nezni, egyaltalan mukodik-e annyira mint az official build hasonlo (ami a netd-loc.exe nevet viseli amugy).

Programozás / Re: EPNET driver SymbOS-hoz
« on: 2020.February.23. 16:36:46 »
Nagyon jó, de nem támogatja a relokációs tábla készítését, ezért kell oboázni Winape alatt, Symamp EP-sítésekor mindezt már átéltem :D

Na jo, terjunk at ide a PM-ezgetes helyett ;)

Szoval amit csinaltam jelenleg:

ORG #1000 -al leforditom RASM-al, eredmeny eltarol. ORG #1100-el, eredmeny eltarol. Python script megir, binarisok osszehasonlit, ahol kulonbseg van, ott biza az eltero ORG miatt, tehat relokacios tablaba cim felvesz, relokacios counter novel. A vegen coutner erteke a header-be visszapatch-el :) Na ezt csinaltam eddig, mint amator "kezzel osszeganyoljuk" modszer :) Illetve mivel Makefile-ban mar nem kezzel, csak ugy ertem, hogy en ganyoltam ossze, nem egy "szep" megoldas ...

Amugy az eredmeny mellekelve, bar valoszinu at kene nevezni .exe-re a SymbOS kedevvert. Ez pl a pelda localhost driver, csak a sajat modszeremmel RASM-al forditva. Hat, meretre sem ugyanaz mint az official, szoval tobb mint gyanus :-O Kozben rajottem h nincs is mivel kiprobalnom, szerintem ami nekem van emu alatt symbos az tul regi :-O* output.bin (12.01 kB - downloaded 4 times.)

Programozás / Re: EPNET driver SymbOS-hoz
« on: 2020.February.23. 16:32:13 »
Sjasm miért nem játszik? Én úgy tudtam, az egy igen elterjedt és jól használható assembler.

1. SymbOS az kisse "durva" multi task OS, fejlett memoria managment-tel stb. Pl relokalhato formatumban van minden program. sjasm nem tud ilyet.
2. Ha tudna is, a fejleszteshez kell a network-daemon symbos-bol a "fo resze" amit "include"-alni kell, ha mas assembler kene, at kene irni az egeszet, nem epp rovid :-O

Vad ötlet: ReactOS egy virtuális gépben?

Nem ez a fo gond, hanem hogy GUI-s stb, nem lehet normalisan semmibe integralni. Nyilvan ha nagyon akarom csinalok egy vm-et, rajta egy win10-el, max kenyelmetlen stb, de nem ez a legfontosabb 'show stopper' jelenleg ...

Programozás / Re: EPNET driver SymbOS-hoz
« on: 2020.February.23. 11:09:02 »
Nah, jelenlegi szituacio:

* Lelki gyotrelmeim a WinAPE assemblere kapcsan (nekem nem mukodik igazan, igaz windows-om nincs, ami lehet valaki szerint a hiba, en ezt elonynek latom, ami most eppen spec hmm annyira nem latszik ... hehe)
* Talaltam egy RASM nevu project-et, le a kalappal elotte, >600K C kod egyetlen file-ban (!) es elvileg WineAPE kompatibilis, normalis assembler, tehat open source es vegre command line semmi GUI-s baromsag, amit aztan nem lehet build tool-okba tenni, scriptelni stb .. Egyetlen gond, hogy nem tudja a relokaciot. Ertekeztem az irojaval, ugy tunik erdeklodest mutat hogy beletegye :D
* Xep128 fejlesztes EPNET emulaciora, aminek magaban is lehet ertelme (EPNET ROM-al jatszani, SymbOS nelkul stb), de masik fo ertelme, hogy aztan SymbOS EPNET probalkozasokat tesztelni vele

Emulátorok / Re: Xep128
« on: 2020.February.21. 20:53:12 »
Nyugi, meg csak a wiz register + mem testen megy at, meg nincs tovabb ;) Mindenesetre, ha mar elfogadhatoan mux, akkor lesz belole release. Aztan max IstvanV atveheti ep128emu-ba, ahogy SD emulacional is volt, ez nyilvan abszolute nem gond nekem, sot jobb mindenkinek ugy, mert hat azert ep128emu "kicsivel" jobb emulator az enyemnel :oops:

Amugy csak azert postoltam ide, mert valamit mar csinal, addig nem akartam, amig semmi konkretum nincs, aztan en meg nem haladtam vele meg semmit :-O

Emulátorok / Re: Xep128
« on: 2020.February.21. 20:20:21 »
Kommentar nelkul cimu sorozatunkbol ...24373-0

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2020.February.19. 22:22:18 »
One lesson I learned (maybe a proper h/w designer would have already known): use a real LS245, not a CMOS HCT245, because CMOS inputs left floating (eg on the tri-state data bus) are bad - can cause the chip to oscillate, and I have seen this. Even on a chip designed to interface to busses. :roll:

No because I'm expert here ... But I think proper bus should never float. If in it's high-Z state not driven, passive component (pull-up/down resistors) or even an active solution designed for that purpose should cause to have a proper well defined state. The physical realization of the bus (ie PCB traces) alone can produce problems if it's allowed to float time-to-time. But it's just my opinion, surely there are much more clever people than me in this area ...

Summaries from the Hungarian topics / Re: Interview with Nick Toop
« on: 2020.February.18. 15:16:26 »
This is very sad. :(
But we must not give up hope! :)
According to several people (whom I appreciate!) It is possible to decrypt the two chips (Nick and Dave).
Whoever wrote the EP128emu program can solve it almost 100%!
We just need to find him somehow because he's been out of the forum for a while :shock:

Do you mean IstvanV? And indeed, writing a software emulation of a hardware needs just to "mimic" identical behaviour of the chip what the real one does, assuming the chip itself a "black box". Certainly, from some perspective, it does not matter how the chip is constructed if it does the SAME as the original. This is also true of the re-creation of a chip in a programmable hardware, for sure, not only in a software emulation. The basic design of Nick looks very clean and logical, it's quite easy to emulate or re-create. Surely, the devil is in the details :) Like some BIAS-tricks etc we've already seen. Even missing those, probably it won't affect 99% of any EP software. But that's true: as close "replica" of the original as possible gives the best result, and the best feeling too ;)

Weboldalak / Re: Enterprise a neten
« on: 2020.February.17. 08:46:22 »
Ez nem tudom, micsoda (Youtube). Talán Kínában volt egy retro klub.

Ez megint nem tudom, micsoda. És hogy mi köze van az Enterprise-hoz. Lehet, csak véletlenül került egymás mellé az Enterprise szó és a 128-as szám? Talán pont a 128-as számú vállalkozás?

Spec en ilyenkor copy&paste szoveg pl google translate-be, egyreszt detaktalja h milyen nyelv, masreszt kiderul a jelentese is :) Vagy hat akar megfelelo browser extension-al builtin forditas is jatszhat, reszletkerdes. Azert aranyos, hogy hany helyen talalni EP-t :)

Weboldalak / Re: Enterprise a neten
« on: 2020.February.16. 15:45:13 »
Örülök, hogy aktív vagy.

Úgy érted én? Köszi. Próbálkozom :)
Have you meant me? Thanks. I try :)

Summaries from the Hungarian topics / Re: Interview with Nick Toop
« on: 2020.February.16. 14:45:11 »
Something went very-very wrong at the companies crash. As he wrote it: "one of the saddest periods of my life and I do not like to think about it."
I afraid he became hating the Enterprise forever and never want to hear anything about it :cry:

I guess it's typical in case of a problem or such :( I have similar experience when tried to get some deeper level of Commodore 65 information ... an ex-Commodore engineer responded me something like: "I refuse to talk about C65, I'm so sorry, but it's so much a sad era for me I want to forget" ...

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