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Hardware / 2 questions
« on: 2010.October.29. 11:19:04 »

I am currently going through the old magazines to scan the content (see other thread). I noticed a picutre of the EP with diskdrives etc.
Have these original add-ons been actually made or not, I wonder? There's nothing on internet about them..

Another question. I am podcaster for the dutch gadget and techno podcast "Tech45". I am considering starting my own (english) podcast as well, focussed on 8-bit computers. My personal interest is in MSX and Enterprise machines, so I thought I'd start with that. I wonder if anyone from the forum would be interested to join in once in a while. Maybe it'll be a one-off, I don't know :-) As with the other podcast, recordings will be through skype. Interested, drop me a message or email marco at marcof dot net.

I was lucky to get years 1984-1992 of this magazine. In a few issues there are tests of the EP64 and EP128. I'll scan these soon and put them online. I will also translate them if there is any interest.

Here are a few quick snapshots of the covers and one article:

is this site still active? http://ep.homeserver.hu/ep128english.htm - maybe the scans can be added there?

Other topics / Re: T-shirt project
« on: 2008.November.17. 13:34:16 »
We started to collect the money. It is possible to pay through PayPal or with creditcards. I will write the details to the concerned members.

I have replied your email. Paypal is preferred for me.

Other topics / Re: T-shirt project
« on: 2008.April.24. 16:41:59 »
thanks for the info.
which color will the polo have?

i converted about 4000 HUF to Euro (3000HUF t-shirt and 1000HUF postage?), which is about 16,- euro

You can put me down for 2 pieces in preferably 3XL. If not available 2XL is ok too.
Logo on front+URL on back would be cool, I think. But whatever design comes out, I'll take 2!

Interface / Re: IDE for EP?
« on: 2008.April.14. 09:24:16 »
IDE i/f? count me in!

For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2008.April.03. 22:02:54 »
here's an ep128:

The above 64 is very interesting, but I'd only be interested in the exdos module. I have 3 enterprise computers already ;-)

lots of stuff from the same seller, including private enterprise magazines

Maintenance / Re: how to clean the enterprise?
« on: 2008.March.24. 11:49:11 »
great images very useful.

and a happy easter to y'all as well

Hardware / Re: Your Enterprise configuration?
« on: 2008.March.22. 19:52:46 »
It is exist a Russian keyboard version?

well, MSX has some russian versions, with cyrillic keyboards.. but did the EPs have this?


Display / Re: build a RGB Scart cable
« on: 2008.March.22. 19:36:04 »
crap, looks like I have to ask a friend to modify it then. Does the above also show the modification in the EP?

Display / Re: build a RGB Scart cable
« on: 2008.March.22. 19:22:36 »
Is it possible to make an S-Video or Composite cable as well?
If so, where can I order it, I'm not good with soldering stuff :)

Hardware / Re: Your Enterprise configuration?
« on: 2008.March.22. 19:19:22 »
I shot some pictures of my enterprises today. See the attachements to this post.

I have a UK machine and a German machine, this machine is a bit cleaner, but unfortunately misses the joystick partly.

So, it looks like I have an old model and a later model. I'll be receiving a (UK, I believe) ep64 somewhere next week, wonder what the serial on that one is.

I actually unpacked the german enterprise today. Two years after receiving it. It has been in its box since 2006 :) Surprisingly I found the original Enterprise tape recorder/data corder with it in the box. Forgot about that :)

Maintenance / how to clean the enterprise?
« on: 2008.March.20. 11:54:33 »
what is the best way to clean the enterprise? There's stuff between the keys, joystick rubber etc.

not really visible normally, but when I take some high resolution photos, it is very obvious :)

Other topics / Re: Which original programs do you have?
« on: 2008.March.20. 10:21:06 »
No images, but I've just won an auction for an EP64 with the following original games:
Adventure Playground
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
Colossal Adventure
Fantasia Diamond
Five in a Row
Heathrow ATC
King of the Castle
Lands of Havoc – complete with 9 map cards
Nodes of Yesod
Star Strike 3D
Steve Davis Snooker
Wizard’s Lair

i hope these work though :)
And I have some in the closet as well, although I am not sure which ones.

Hardware / Re: Your Enterprise configuration?
« on: 2008.March.19. 22:07:32 »
By request, a little bump of this old thread :)

I own 2 Enterprise 128s, both UK models. An EP64 will be added to the collection, I just won that today.

Pictures will follow as well, once I have the 64, I'll make some nice "family portraits" :-)

Apart from Enterprise, my other vintage passion is MSX.
I have a Goldstar FC200 MSX1 (my first computer), a number of MSX2 computers and lots of hard/software for it.

I'd like to find more Enterprise peripherals, but these seem to be very rare.

as said, images will follow later (in one or two weeks)

Other topics / Re: T-shirt project
« on: 2008.March.19. 13:11:48 »
indeed, doesn't look too bad. I prefer the lower-case url design

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