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Hardware / Re: Upgrading an Enterprise 64 from scratch (video)
« on: 2023.January.24. 00:04:44 »
Nice and informative video. :smt023

Even described a common mistake with soldered pins in EXP2. (you're not the first who made this wrong decision) ;)
(Attachment Link)


Thanks ... yep, tried to be too clever ... so had to go back to how I did my first one ;)


Hardware / Joystick interface
« on: 2023.January.24. 00:03:41 »
Oh yes, I see someone has created a neat design!


Hardware / Re: Enterprise SD Interface
« on: 2023.January.24. 00:00:08 »
I humbly withdraw my small complaint about not hearing back for a few years ;)


Interface / Re: SD card interface
« on: 2023.January.23. 23:56:42 »
It turned out that more than half of the CPLD IC-s were defective! :-P I ordered twice in the last year.
Needless to say, this will cause further slippage...
I will report when I finally manage to achieve some result! :-)

There's a lot (well, a bit) of interest here in Australia for your interface still!


Hardware / Re: Upgrading an Enterprise 64 from scratch (video)
« on: 2023.January.23. 23:54:23 »
Thanks for your feedback!

I like your selection of fixes, except the necessity of the change of the UHF modulator for a mini-Din connector. What if you need separate Syncs some day?.

I noticed that it's possible to also get 8-pin mini-DIN ... so I could use one of those, or I could re-wire the 6-pin: move ground to the sheath, drop composite and then add the H-SYNC and V-SYNC.

I personally hate the Spanish cable from Retrocables, a very bad and expensive for the money product, and this is said to you by a Spaniard. Why not try making the cable yourself? Good quality EDGE connectors are still available in China, and you only need to have good hands(evident on your video) and tailor it.

Yeah, a possibility ... actually, I want to do something about the joysticks.  I did have a converter plug to DE-9 but I gave that away with an Enterprise 128.  Is there a common solution for those?  I'll check the Hungarian source too!

About the audio-out jack base.... I am sorry to say you that it has been a waste of time and one more scar on your loved EP. For two reasons: first, you already had a stereo audio out jack on the TAPE Save jack, and second,  with the correct level, because the audio of the RGB connector is excessively low and you will always need the volume of your Tv pumped-up to the MAX....

Ahh, good to know!  Not to worry though - my plan was to use with a small amplified speaker like a JBL Micro portable speaker. But yeah - I guess it would still need to amplified more.  I'll experiment!

Another fix that you will need soon or later is to disable the internal speaker.....

Noted, thanks!


Hardware / Re: Enterprise SD Interface
« on: 2023.January.23. 21:57:44 »
I gave up gently asking him every six months after a few years.  Initially got a response, but then nothing.  I even offered to pre-pay for several interfaces as there's a lot of interest for them here in Australia at least.

Luckily I was offered one second hand.

Please don't take this as disparaging anyone - I know what it's like when you get busy and people are pestering you for something.

It would be awesome if the design, or some design, were made open source so that people can make their own if the original person isn't able to. 


Hardware / Upgrading an Enterprise 64 from scratch (video)
« on: 2023.January.23. 21:53:00 »

I've uploaded a tediously long video about upgrading an Enterprise 64 "new in box" to a state where it's more usable ... apart from the unobtainium SD interface.


I've also refined the mini-DIN video output I install (no need to spend AU$120 on a SCART cable from Spain) - replace the UHF modulator with a 6-pin mini DIN socket that has RGBS + composite, plus add a separate 3.5mm stereo socket for audio.

I am not proclaiming to be an expert on the hardware (far from it) so constructive feedback is always welcome.


Interface / Re: SD card interface - still a LOT of interest
« on: 2022.July.20. 22:29:18 »
Yep, still a lot of keen people on Szergej's SD interface ... quite a few here now in Australia.  You could probably sell out a batch just here.

I've pinged Szergej a few times via email ... don't want to pester ... figure once per year isn't pestering ;)

I know it's his hard work, but how about releasing the Gerber files, etc.?  Or even selling them - I'm happy to pay for them to compensate for his work.

The SD interface that someone designed for the COMX-35 is now apparently lost as the poor fellow that designed it passed away before they got around to releasing them.


Interface / Thanks Elmer ...
« on: 2021.October.30. 06:03:11 »
Here are my memory board design files for EasyEDA, together with the Gerber files and production order files for anyone that wants to get another batch of boards manufactured at JLCPCB.

Thank you kind sir.  Havin' a go ...

(just short of double-row headers at the moment)


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