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@Getafix: Could you give us a report on how it goes buying the nem membrame?

Will soon be needing a new one my self :)

For Sale / EP128 on sale on Facebook in Athens
« on: 2020.July.23. 09:53:37 »
I am on holiday in Greece. Stumbled over this EP128 on Facebook-marketplace in Athens.

Cheap an nice looking :)

Hardware / Re: Questions about SymbiFace3
« on: 2020.July.14. 19:31:43 »
I tried with EPRAM[#05-#07]  but then I got an 64K ram error and no SD card reader working/showing up.

Wanted / Re: 1MB RAM expansion with built in Exos 2.4
« on: 2020.July.14. 17:13:09 »
Removing the expansion solved the problem.

If anyone is interested in trying to fix the expansion please let me know :)

Hardware / Re: Questions about SymbiFace3
« on: 2020.July.14. 16:59:01 »
@gflorez: Once again thank you for all your hard work for the platform :)

I had to remove my faulty RAM expansion and now everything seems to run stable again. But that means that I am down to 64KB without the Sf3 .... :smt073

I have therefore inserted these RAM-settings in the ini file

Code: [Select]

I have a SD card reader so I am not injecting

Code: [Select]

Is that the optimal setting for my special system?

Wanted / Re: 1MB RAM expansion with built in Exos 2.4
« on: 2020.July.14. 16:10:07 »
Ahhhh :oops:. I thought the updated EXOS 2.4 ROM was on the memory expansion :) .. it was the first time in many, many years that i opened my EP .... but of course it is on the EPROM.

I will remove the RAM expansion and just let the SF3 supply the ekstra RAM and see if this cures the strange behaviour I am having at the moment.


Wanted / 1MB RAM expansion with built in Exos 2.4
« on: 2020.July.14. 07:03:16 »
While I was working on fixing a keymembrame problem I managed to mess up my internal 1MB internal RAM expansion (long story) and now half the RAM show up as faulty.

Therefore I am looking for a new version of an upgrade like this.

It is an internal upgrade to 1M, with ROM upgraded to EXOS 2.4 (Basic built in, no cartridge needed). All cables etc. are fine. I am just looking for the actual expansion.

My machine including expansion was originally supplied by ZoZo. I have written to him for a replacement, but I think he is on holiday, so I am just checking if others should have one extra lying around.

Thank you in advance!

Hardware / Re: Questions about SymbiFace3
« on: 2020.July.13. 07:22:49 »
You can find all the relevant sf3 info and files here.

Hardver / Re: Hajdani konfigom...
« on: 2020.July.12. 14:40:02 »
Kedves Zozo! Valahogy így gondoltad. A vastagabb mellett nem tudom kitolni, mert hülyén nézne ki a furat...

(Attachment Link)

(Attachment Link)

Nagyon néz ki! Hajlandó eladni egyet nekem, és elküldeni Dániába?

Előre is köszönöm!

Lefordítva google fordítással! :)

Display / Re: Strange display problem - recap needed?
« on: 2020.July.10. 07:16:28 »
@ZoZo: Thank you very much for the explanation. Makes a lot of sense!

I will start by "upgrading" the power supply to a new one (still have not recieved the polarity changer) and keep and eye out for the ePower.

Has any body changed the heat sink on their Nick? Mine was very firmly connected.

Btw: cutting a bit of the key membrame solved that. I now have all keys up and running :-)


Display / Re: Strange display problem - recap needed?
« on: 2020.July.09. 12:40:01 »
I found the solution to the problem.

In the OSSC settings you have to turn this on:

Code: [Select]
Allow upsample2x
Controls whether 2x samplerate is used instead of pixel repetition in certain modes, e.g. 384pX2, 480pX2, 480iX3, 480iX4, 960iX2.

On: 2x samplerate is used to double output horizontal resolution, which may be useful with sources that use off-spec horizontal rate. Alternatively, the option can be used to generate slightly more analog-esque (i.e. less pixellated) picture.
Off: Pixel repetition is used to double output horizontal resolution, which regenerates source image most faithfully if sampling matches dot clock. [default]

So as gflorez suggested it had something to with the horizontal resolution.

Unfortunately I messed up my keymembrame :oops: when I opened the machine to check the cooling on Nick. First some of the keys did not work and after a couple of tries to fix it now A LOT of the keys do not work. I am trying to find a new .... Until then I can not really use the machine :smt013

Display / Re: Strange display problem - recap needed?
« on: 2020.July.09. 07:09:51 »
Thank you for all your good suggestions. Your effort for the community is huge :D

Display / Re: Strange display problem - recap needed?
« on: 2020.July.08. 16:45:19 »
Yes but that is only available with analog (dsub) input. The OSSC produces a digital signal that comes in through a DVi-cable.

I think you can correct the problem in your end because you have a monitor that uses an analog signal.

I have investigated a bit and it can be that the problem is caused by a sync problem. The csync line is maybe "jittering". Maybe the OSSC can correct this.

Display / Re: Strange display problem - recap needed?
« on: 2020.July.08. 12:31:14 »
So far I have not had any succes changing the settings in my monitor. Also shifting to another monitor did not change anything.

I am using a IIyama ProLite e2403WS connected to the OSSC. The manuel is here.

The OSSC outputs a digital signal and that does not leave much room for changing anything.

I think the problem is either related to the EP's output or the OSSC not being configured properly. And I think that most likely the problem is EP related since it comes after 3-5 min. of use. When I turn the EP on there is almost no display problem at all.

@ZoZo. You mentioned a "small inaccuracy in Nick clock.". Is that something that can be fixed?

Display / Re: Strange display problem - recap needed?
« on: 2020.July.07. 17:46:35 »
These artefacts happen when the final horizontal resolution on the monitor is not the same that the one on its input connector.

You can search the proper resolution with the horizontal width manual control.

@gflorez: I am a bit unsure what you mean by this :) the OSSC I use have A LOT of different settings and should compensate for changing resolutions.

Btw: It is not the heatsink. I opened the machine and everything looks fine. The heatsink is still firmly connected to Nick :)

Tomorrow I am getting a polarity changer for so I can use this power supply directly and not have to run it through Pear's floppy controller. Just to rule that out also.

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