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Games / Re: West Bank CPC Bank Panic
« on: Yesterday at 11:33 »
:shock: Amazing Geco!!!

Köszi  kiitti Thanks!

Games / West Bank CPC Bank Panic
« on: 2021.March.15. 14:17:29 »


 Just noticed CPC has nice looking port of this game


 i used to play this with my C64 back in the days. its smoother than CPC but CPC version is looks promissing port to EP :)

 There is  old Speccy port on EP  but i dont think CPC version isnt ported yet to EP?

Games / Re: Nebulus CPC port+other Amstrad ports
« on: 2021.January.10. 20:18:24 »
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc2MigzEYAU&ab_channel=AmstradiensChannel this looks impressive on CPC  even the screen size is really small

Games / Re: Nebulus CPC port+other Amstrad ports
« on: 2020.December.13. 14:53:47 »
on first try on Atari St on played to second level but on C64 i never passed the 1st one

Games / Re: Nebulus CPC port+other Amstrad ports
« on: 2020.November.01. 19:18:08 »
Nebulus hard harder levels :) I was sure game basic levels were hard as rock.

Games / Re: Nebulus CPC port
« on: 2020.October.24. 19:28:35 »
My absolut favor in C64 was Samurai Warrior it has decent Amstrad CPC port only with bad music.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3mR_a7nbiE&ab_channel=Metr81 Is this ported to EP?

Games / Re: Nebulus CPC port
« on: 2020.October.14. 16:46:30 »
Köszi :)

I modded switch to PSU it was rather annoying to reset computer. The SD-adapter needs cold start so reset wont help if you wanna change game etc :)

Games / Re: Nebulus CPC port
« on: 2020.October.14. 12:17:05 »
I just packed all my computers to storage cos we are selling our house and buying new one.
Only picture what i got is that aijaa.com link at upper post

Games / Re: Nebulus CPC port
« on: 2020.October.14. 08:26:35 »

Yes i ihave Ep128 in mint condition https://aijaa.com/q5G38g  its from Hungary ofcourse :) Also i have  SD Adapter from szergitata page :)  It has joystick adapter too :)
I saw this machine years ago at Youtube maybe 5-6y ago. Then i wanted to have one with Sam Coupe. Its not so easy to pick these. Also i have strick rule i dont buy anything what cost a lot. I only use 150€ max to per machine. Most i have got for free or donation.

Also been driving to your country to holiday 3 times .  I tried to find Plus4 or EP on those trips but i coudnt just old tvs/radios from second had shops.
So i bought mine from friendly guy at Vatera :) Iam only using it ot mess around and play games :)  Some sampled pcm files and demo as really impressive.

There are some other computers at my collection atm

A1200T 030  28mhg 8mb
A1200 4mb Escom
A500 Gotek
A500plus GVP HD8+ 2GB SD HDD
Salora Manager (Laserr 2000 finnish clone)
SVI 728 MSX SD adapter megamapper
VG8235 MSX2 Carnivore
CPC464  512kt+floppy emulator DDi3
Commodore 64 x 6
Commodore 128
Atari 1040STE 4MB Gotek
Atari XEGS


Still  looking Ti-99/a and some more rare tech like Sam Coupe :)
12/2020 TI-99 bought and repaired :)

I have 3D printed EP color match  joystick for it :)

Games / Re: Nebulus CPC port
« on: 2020.October.07. 14:55:59 »
:razz:  Köszönöm !

Sadly OP Wolf is Speccy port :( Amstrad port with EP enhancements would much bettah :)

Games / Re: Nebulus CPC port
« on: 2020.October.07. 09:48:54 »
Köszi! I was searching it from  https://enterpriseforever.com/letoltesek-downloads/cpc-jatekok-ep-konverzioi-games-converted-from-cpc/ but  it wasnt there or missed it

Games / Nebulus CPC port+other Amstrad ports
« on: 2020.October.06. 20:06:23 »

Noticed that CPC version of Nebulus/Tower toppler  is not ported to Enterprise. Port to CPC is great little slower than on C64 but playable. Iam sure it would run smoother on  EP and sound better :)

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