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The new membrane arrived today.   It's a quality piece with a little bit of a plastic support for where you need to push it into the connector.  Maybe that support is standard - my original foil was at least 3cm shorter than the new one so maybe it had that support but that was all cut away already.  My original was so short I couldn't really get it back in, I would have to get someone with small hands to do it.

Anyway, it inserted without issue and works perfectly!  I am extremely pleased. 

You can buy this one with confidence. :)

This person is very nice, and very efficient.  Replied immediately and we had a few back-and-forth emails over the weekend.  The new keyboard membrane is in the mail to me already. 

At this time, the price before shipping was 8.000 HUF (EUR 23 and USD 27) which, in my opinion, is reasonable. 

I will report back once I have received the new keyboard membrane. 

@Getafix: Could you give us a report on how it goes buying the nem membrame?

Will do.  I have sent an email.  I'll report back with whatever outcome.

Will soon be needing a new one my self :)

That's too bad :(  Let's hope there's success for all of us in this.    This is my 1st Enterprise.  I want to make a game for it but then I want to play it on actual hardware :)

Try buying a new one here

Perfect,  thank you very much! :)

Thank you.  Got the case open after finding the hidden screw.  Sadly, my keyboard membrane has probably already been cut.  It's very short on the left.  I will have a hard time getting it back in - I have big hands :(

I can see that the end of the connector is dead but if I measure up about 6 mm from the edge, it does work, but I won't be able to cut that much off and get it back in.  I ordered a conductive silver pen - I'll see if I can fix it.

Is there a trick to the keyboard connector on the motherboard or do I just need to force the cable in there?  I think that's how it got bent before.  I saw a thread about new keyboard membranes.  Should I just keep a look out for a post there, or does anyone know where I can ordera new one right now?

Thank you all for all your help and advice. :)


I am new to the Enterprise.  I just got an EP64 I bought on eBay.  When I unpacked it, there was a piece of metal rattling around inside.  I took out all the scews I could see, but I still can't get the case open.  It's really stuck at the back by the monitor socket.  I have pried it a bit but if I go any harder I'll damage the plastic for sure.  The piece of copper fell out along the way, so I really want to put it back in.  Is there a trick to getting the case loose at the back, or should I just persist with more force?

Some of my keys are also dead, but if I lift the membrane and push on it with my fingers from both sides, then the keystrokes do go through.  I haven't serached to forum to see if there's a way to open and clean the membrane but of someone has a thought I'd like to hear.

Thank you

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