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Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion
« on: Today at 07:46 »
It is more of a habit. I usually replace every 7805 in old computers either with the OKI-78SR or the TSR 1-2450 in order to reduce the heat. I generally prefer the TSR 1-2450, but they don't fit in the EP without removing the cooler and that would leave an ugly hole.

Thanks for this. I suspect there is an issue with one of the 7805s on my enterprise and was planning to replace both with new 7805s but will use OKI-78SR now.

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion
« on: 2020.August.30. 19:30:15 »
At startup, the EXOS ROM tries writing to each segment to check if there is RAM there. The hardware doesn't provide any extra information, it's tested by software.

Thanks geco & dangerman

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion
« on: 2020.August.30. 13:33:30 »
One thing I've not yet understood is how the Enterprise senses the amount of RAM available. Does it probe memory on startup or is there logic in the RAM expansion to indicate how much RAM is present?

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion
« on: 2020.August.29. 19:35:14 »
I've placed an SMT production order at JLCPCB, and should hopefully receive the populated boards in a few weeks.

Cool, what's the minimum order quantity?

If it works in my EP64, then I should have a few spare boards to sell on to anyone that wants one.

I'd definitely be interested

Hardware / Re: What internal RAM expansion?
« on: 2020.August.16. 23:02:39 »
The SF3 is interesting, but it seems to offer far more than I'd personally want.

As someone that recently bought one of the new/almost-new Enterprise 64 machines that have been unearthed in Egypt, I just want some more internal memory, and Szorg's lovely SD card adapter.

Exactly my situation too. Looks like we bought from the same seller.

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion
« on: 2020.August.16. 23:01:09 »

I have absolutely no interest in "reinventing the wheel", nor do I believe that I have the knowledge, experience or skills to somehow invent the "best" internal RAM expansion.

I just want/need an internal RAM expansion for my Enterprise 64, and none seems to be currently available anywhere for me to buy, so I am trying to come up with an *easy* solution that requires minimal soldering or programming, that might be easy and cheap to order, and that hardware-novices could re-order themselves in the future.

Same here. I'd be happy to buy a couple of boards from someone or failing that solder a board if there's a design that I'm capable of assembling.

elmer, you're way ahead of me, if you do finalise a design and get as far as fabricating some boards please let me know. I'm happy to chip and in help with costs.

Input devices / Re: New keyboard membranes
« on: 2020.July.20. 09:09:11 »
Please order them directly through the sellmyretro.com page - it helps me to keep my records straight

I see the listing is closed now. Do you plan do make another batch?

Display / Re: Any ideas on cause of this display fault?
« on: 2020.July.19. 15:42:31 »
Sorry, for the multiple posts. Just found this thread: https://enterpriseforever.com/maintenance/enterprise-64-video-issue/

So looks like I should probably try replacing the capacitors and the Tr2 transistor (BC337) as well as checking the 7805 regulators?

Display / Re: Any ideas on cause of this display fault?
« on: 2020.July.19. 15:35:50 »
If it helps, the name on the motherboard is "Flan" which I understand means it's a rev4 board.

Display / Re: Any ideas on cause of this display fault?
« on: 2020.July.19. 15:31:56 »
Probably easier to view video on youtube instead of downloading: https://youtu.be/UGOeMwyGJyw

Display / Any ideas on cause of this display fault?
« on: 2020.July.19. 15:28:08 »
Now I've got a SCART cable I was able to test my Enterprise 64 and the Enterprise 64 motherboard that I own. Happily, the complete Enterprise 64 appears to work flawlessly. The motherboard looks to have a display fault, however (and since I've tested the complete Enterprise 64 I know it's not the cable or display).

When it starts I can see the coloured "Enterprise" text but there is an issue with horizontal stability. Not sure how to describe it but hopefully the attached video shows what I mean.

Does this look like a capacitor issue? Would be really helpful to know if this fault has been seen before.

The good news is that since it's got as far as displaying a recognisable logo the board is probably in pretty good shape despite having been left as a bare board in storage for many years.

Hardware / Re: What internal RAM expansion?
« on: 2020.July.19. 15:19:07 »
Are there still no options for RAM expansions (internal or external)? Would be great to have more RAM to play with than standard on the Enterprise 64

Other topics / Re: N00b alert!
« on: 2020.June.19. 13:42:17 »
Where are you from? If you can find an old PAL TV with analogue tuner in your country, then you shouldn't need a monitor cable, you can connect to an old TV. But of course, a monitor will give you a much better picture.

I'm in London, sadly I don't have a TV with an analogue tuner for some years.

Also, if you hard wire an old keyboard (time consuming but I know people who've done it), then that's all you need to turn your motherboard into a fully functional enterprise.

Oh man, I am definitely going to do that!

Other topics / Re: N00b alert!
« on: 2020.June.19. 13:37:43 »
Welcom here!Can I ask another one with the Serial Number? For the big EP statistics.

Happy to oblige!

1) you can also load machine code programs from the WP, don't need a BASIC for playing most of games.
2) best way to get BASIC: upgrade the onboard ROM to EXOS 2.4, which have a built in. One 27C512 EPROM needed, and solder one wire for the A15 address line.
This is ROM upgrade also highly recommended, because many of programs compatible only with EXOS 2.1+ but the EP64 just come with earlier 2.0

Great to know. I'll certainly do that.

Thanks for all the other information too. That's going to be a great help testing both machines and getting them to a working state.

For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2020.June.19. 09:58:38 »
For the few words you have written on your very first commentary...., you sure are new here.....

Sure am! :)  I'm hoping to learn quickly though!

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