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I finally tested this, works very well!

Also, hiding bottom part of the screen (with the loaded on-screen data) works perfect!

Only thing is that I have some "black hole" in the random data loaded on screen but I guess that is because data is loaded continually and CPC screen is strangely segmented :)

who is interested, I am using 4720 bytes of screen memory by loading compressed levels on screen in these locations: (and then hiding the data)

bank1: [50592, ) = 560 bytes
bank2: [52640, ) = 560 bytes
bank3: [54688, ) = 560 bytes
bank4: [56736, ) = 560 bytes
bank5: [58784, ) = 560 bytes
bank6: [60752, ) = 640 bytes
bank7: [62800, ) = 640 bytes
bank8: [64848, ) = 640 bytes

I think that now I have enough to start porting my game but that will have to wait a while. As soon as I make something worth showing, I will post here!

For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2020.June.23. 18:13:02 »
@emptiness: no, I bought from another seller. btw looks like the Egypt is full of EP! :)

Thanks geco for all the help, in the end I had to do only some minor code changes to be able to port the Symbiface3 chat app!

(thanks gflorez for testing on real EP+SF3)

Code changes: (like advised by geco)

- disabling sound
- disabling masked draw so all background is black (not sure if this was really needed)
- changed from 300 to 50 interrupt calls per second
- changed teopl_main.c to main.c (not sure why but this was needed - lost a 1-2 days on this :) )

Porting my game will have to wait a bit, first to finish it and then to find a way to execute other tricks like palette change for the bottom screen where I hide my levels, maybe enable 300 interrupt calls per second instead of 50, ...

But as proof of concept (and eve more!) this looks very good meaning we can program for 2 platforms with almost no issues at all using cpctelera and C!

One day, maybe geco's code can be added to official cpctelera... Thanks again geco!

Thank you very much, I hope I can test this soon and let you know the results!

My guess is that I may have some questions :)

But first I will try to understand as much as possible by myself, hopefully in next few days. (or during weekend)

First I will try to convert and run simple cpctelera helloworld.

Then I will try to compile the chat program since it's simpler then the game I have.

I use 300 Hz interrupt for arkos sound (that will be disabled) and for async tasks (this is needed!) so I guess the interrupt calls must be supported (doesn't have to be 300 Hz).

About cpctelera asm format, yes, as someone who knows very very little about asm I was confused even more with this various formats so I used sdcc, rasm, pasmo depending on source format. For some conversions between formats I used http://julien-nevo.com/disark/ - works quite well

Regarding compilation time, I am not sure why it took long but I know that there are some optimization flags for the sdcc compiler which can reeeeally make it long like this:

Code: [Select]
Z80CCFLAGS    := --peep-file ${CPCT_PATH}/tools/sdcc-3.6.8-r9946/peep/z88dk_speculative_peepholes.def --max-allocs-per-node 2000000 --opt-code-speed
My code is not (yet) that much optimized and it compiles fast (I read about babas palace - every byte was important since there are 100 levels in 64K game - I guess they needed those optimized flags)

wow that sounds exactly what I would need! regarding the sound - it's not that important and can be added separately.

so, yes I am very interested in that project, please send me what you find. (and any instructions you may find about the conversion process)

if babas palace without sound can be ported, that should be enough for me...

Programming / porting amstrad cpctelera software to enterprise
« on: 2020.June.14. 11:46:20 »

After spending 2 days investigating about platform differences (amstrad cpc and enterprise) my enthusiasm of porting software from CPC to EP is at very low point :)

reason for this is that I don't have nearly enough of required knowledge of assembler and the platforms and I also used cpctelera library which does produce z80 assembler and doesn't use CPC firmware (which is good) but in any case for me to handle keyboard, different video setup, sound... it would be too big task as it looks right now.

I have watched a little of chibiakumas fantastic enterprise tutorials and read a little here on the forum about various porting (also AGD for example) and I decided to put this idea of porting my cpctelera software to enterprise "on hold" since it's currently outside of my scope.

That being said, my question is: does someone here has knowledge about cpctelera library and what effort would be to make the cpctelera output enterprise executables? (or something close to that). Is this even possible to do? (at least to some degree)

Sorry if the question is "too ambitious" but there is already very large software/games written using this library and I guess EP could benefit from this.

For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2020.June.11. 21:07:48 »
thank you all and thanks for kind words gflorez :)

yes, I want to use the real hardware to try to port the Sybiface3 chat program to Enterprise, but first I need to setup and learn about the system.

and of course any games I make in the the future I would love to see it on this platform, it really has a unique look, very nice computer...

For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2020.June.10. 23:46:50 »
Hello everyone, my first post here :) I never used enterprise but I wanted to buy it for some time and managed to get one from this guy from Egypt.

I will take my time to learn about it, but I will first get some hardware additions and then the software.

Model I bought is 64, it came with original box with power supply, some (I guess) audio cables, IS-BASIC, unopened demonstration cassette, 2 small and 1 big manual.

All in all, it's working and looks like never used so I am really thankful to this guy.

Hope to see you all on the forum some time in the future...

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