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Programming / Re: Arcade Game Designer for Enterprise
« on: 2019.January.21. 10:01:03 »
Hi guys,

the Foggy sprite problem is in the AGD file due to a bug in the converter routine so not in the engine. Just after the first screen definition, the position and type of the sprites are defined. The problem is in the SPRITEPOSITION 0 90 112 72 command. The spritenr is 90 which is way to high and should be 0. So if you change 90 into 0, the problem is solved.

SPRITEPOSITION  0 90 112 72 should be SPRITEPOSITION  0 0 112 72


Programming / Re: Arcade Game Designer for Enterprise
« on: 2018.December.10. 21:14:32 »
Hi Noel,

I think to test your engine, it's better to use an Enterprise Suite because I have written a lot of simple test AGD files to test several commands. I can help you creating the Suite, all I need to know is which assembler do you prefer (eg. Sjasm) and which emulator is a good one. This way you can test the AGD files in a CMD window and start the emulator with the created file.

This is a link to the ZX Spectrum Suite: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m-KX0ivnEOEYY72G-5VA-kYaq0LxVrnR
- Just unpack the ZX Suite directory.
- Open a CMD window
- Then enter the ZX Suite directory and type eg. BUILD TESTMUL
- TESTMUL.AGD will be compiled, assembled and started in the Speccy emulator.

In fact, you don't have to program in C .... The compiler just translates the AGD commands to assembler and adds the engine to it. If some commands have to be changed, it will be small changes to the compiler.

Can you send me your e-mail address then I will ask Allan Turvey to add you to the AGDX lab.


Programming / Re: Arcade Game Designer for Enterprise
« on: 2018.December.10. 20:50:05 »
Hello guys,

  my name is Kees and I'm a member of the AGDX lab. This is a community with AGD experts and we are expanding AGD and creating ports for other platforms to play/create AGD games. Until now we have a Spectrum, CPC, Acorn Atom, Acorn BBC and Dragon64 port. We also have Suites to convert, compile, assemble and emulate an AGD game with batch files.

I noticed that you already converted the compiler and engine for the Enterprise, nice job ...
If you want to know more about AGD and porting or if you have any problems/questions about AGD, please feel free to join AGDX lab. Just let me know if you want to join, then we can add you to the team ....


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