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Programming / Re: Changing the EXOS font
« on: Yesterday at 23:43 »
the fonts need to be processed before they are imported, and the EXOS ROM needs to have its checksum recalculated after the patching is done, so it was easier to write a quick C program to do the work.

Ah yes - the checksum!

I have always read that an EP64 cant load the Interlace driver. At least on the emulator it crash.

I had an original EP64 and the interlace driver was supplied with it on the demo cassette. It worked!

but maybe they done that way because probably the Interlace driver works badly outside the Basic interpreter.

Yes, I imagine most software would need to be modified to work in interlace mode. It may also be a problem that it only supports Text 80 and HIRES graphics modes.

I have already found out where to patch both EXOS and IS-DOS, but I'm not happy with my EXOS patch yet, because there are a couple of unwanted side-effects that are showing up.

Wow - I'd be very interested in seeing these patches once you've got them working.

I am taking a look to the Interlace file, and it doesn't loads as an extension, but as an user relocatable module(02 type-file)....

So probably I am totally wrong and there is not a VIDEO: driver inside...

As Zozosoft says, it does contain a new video driver. Because it's a user module and not an extension, the new driver doesn't remain when you leave Basic. It probably wouldn't be too hard to make an extension out of the existing code. I guess they didn't do this originally because it would take away one 16k segment and that would be a problem for the EP64. The interlaced screen already takes up most of the memory.

Programming / Re: Changing the EXOS font
« on: 2020.December.02. 21:44:26 »
Very cool. Some really nice looking tweaks to the font.

You talk about patching Zozo's rom in this thread. Did you know you can patch roms directly from sjasm using the INCBIN and CODE directives? I've successfully used this to make a custom EXOS 2.1 rom before.

Wanted / Re: EP128 power supply
« on: 2020.November.15. 21:09:24 »
I used a Spectrum+ power supply for a while and I can confirm it was the right polarity. Although the voltage seemed a little higher than the Enterprise one.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend it. A switching PSU like Elmer suggests would give a more stable supply. I use something similar to that now.

Hardware / Re: Capacitors - wrong orientation?
« on: 2020.November.09. 22:27:48 »
One note: rare fault, but if the L1 are broken then the TR2 will dead again, and again... (I about after 5 transistors found the problem at L1...)

Thanks for the tip.  I wound a new L1 myself so hopefully that will be okay.

Hardware / Re: Capacitors - wrong orientation?
« on: 2020.November.08. 23:04:29 »
Huge thanks to Wolfgang for starting this thread and to everyone else for the comments. A while ago, when I repaired my Enterprise 12V, I was following the schematic diagram rather than the PCB markings and this thread explains why I kept blowing transitors!!! :cry: 

It never occurred to me that the circuit diagram was wrong. I have now installed C9 with minus to the left. Fingers crossed this will work.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.October.19. 22:35:20 »

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion
« on: 2020.October.19. 22:31:15 »
If you type (blind) TEXT 40 it will reset the screen without rebooting.

To avoid blind typing, by default you can press F5 for "TEXT" or even SHIFT F5  which will redisplay an existing text screen.

I think this is a bug in EXDOS :oops:

I'm not sure it's a bug as such. EXDOS has no easy way of knowing what was previously displayed.

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2020.October.11. 23:27:16 »
Excellent stuff!!!

Hardware / Re: Capacitors - wrong orientation?
« on: 2020.October.10. 10:49:20 »
That is on an issue 4 motherboard, which unfortunately has 300ns video RAM, so I presumably won't be able to change to a 6MHz clock unless I replace those. :(

Often chips are faster than the official rating, so you might be lucky.

Programming / Re: Graphics Attribute Mode Example
« on: 2020.October.03. 20:29:41 »
Off topic: The Amstrad CPC is a totally graphic computer, it doesn't have a text mode nor a buffer, but can emulate it. There is a Rom function that returns the value of a character given certain coordinates. A workaround is used: the rows of bytes that are found on the coordinates(on text boundaries) are compared with all the ones on the character set until a match is found.

I think this is probably what the Spectrum does as well with the SCREEN$ command. The Spectrum display is not a text buffer either. It's an attribute-based graphical display.

Programming / Re: Graphics Attribute Mode Example
« on: 2020.October.03. 13:07:26 »
They cannot be overwritten by space characters.

Actually, it seems that in ATTRIBUTE mode, you can overwrite by printing with space characters. Although that doesn't work in the other graphics modes, only in attribute mode.

Other topics / Re: How can one switch between WP versions?
« on: 2020.September.29. 10:32:47 »
Great finding, i checked what is called, and a small correction CALL USR(62905,0) should be used instead

Aha - good point! I just looked at it again and you are absolutely right. Thanks for the correction.

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