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Hardware / Re: Fischertechnik Robot Interface 30520.
« on: 2020.February.14. 16:47:05 »
Just one correction:

Replace "Zange" and "Greifzange" with "Greifer"

And propose to change "R", "S", "L" with "Gelerntes Programm ausführen"/"abspeichern"/"laden"

Hardware / Re: Fischertechnik Robot Interface 30520.
« on: 2020.February.13. 19:36:11 »
They've kept the menu initials in English, apparently.

It is (from top to bottom)

"Teach", "Run", "Save", "Load", "Home", "End"

Other topics / Re: Switching Between Keyboard Languages?
« on: 2020.January.14. 08:53:39 »
In addition to this RtL, Arabic characters change their shapes based on their positions in words. For example, a character such as م can be at least written in 4 different shapes (isolated, initial, middle & end)!
Arabic is indeed a complicated language. Proper Arabic support on modern computer also needs to support diacritics, where characters change their shape according to their neighbors (that was apparently what you meant).
The Sinclair ZX Spectrum actually was available with an Arabic ROM as well, supporting RTL writing, but no diacritics. It's fun to at least try that out in an Emulator (Right-toLeft BASIC programs do look weird!). The ROMs are available from WoS.


Other topics / Re: Switching Between Keyboard Languages?
« on: 2020.January.12. 15:30:33 »
The BRD.Rom addition was a lucky event forced by language restrictive laws on Germany just at the Enterprise launching times.

I'm pretty sure that's an urban legend - I can't remember anything that would have forced computer manufacturers to produce German keyboards or ROMs (other than Germany being an attractive market back then).


Wanted / Re: What Micro magazine 84/1, 85/2
« on: 2019.December.15. 23:33:43 »
The Sinclair ZX81 in kit form, when it was released in 1982, was GBP 99.99 - an unbelievable price for an unbelievably non-computer.

Compared to that, the EP was cheap at GBP200 two years later.


Other topics / Re: Off-topic (English)
« on: 2019.November.22. 11:02:26 »
Thank you!
So, you can use welcher, welche, welches for non-countables (Stoffbezeichnungen)? I had the feeling that there should be some rule for this but I haven't found it anywhere.

Möchtest du Tee? - Ja, ich möchte welchen - Is it correct too?

Correct, but considered (slightly) colloquial.

You might want to read here on indefinite pronouns.

Other topics / Re: Off-topic (English)
« on: 2019.November.21. 21:44:32 »
Are there any German members here? Do you feel the following senteces correct? I mean the last word at the end of each line (eins/welche, keinen, eine/welche):

Wir haben kein Brot. Geh und kauf eins/welche.
Möchtest du Tee? - Nein, ich trinke keinen.
Öffne das Fester! Ich brauche Luft. - Auch ich brauche eine/welche.

This is obviously a test for non-countables' pronouns. Bread, tea and air are (can be, "Brot" can be an exception if you mean a specific loaf of it) non-countables - here "Stoffbezeichnungen" -  in German that go with indefinite pronous.

Wir haben kein Brot. Geh und kauf welches. (you mean the uncountable thing, the concept)
Wir haben kein Brot. Geh und kauf eins. (You mean "one loaf of it". Could be considered colloquial)
Möchtest du Tee? - Nein, ich trinke keinen.
Öffne das Fester! Ich brauche Luft. - Auch ich brauche welche.

Wanted / Re: Enterprise Case Screws
« on: 2019.October.17. 14:54:10 »
A good trick to avoid (or at least delay) the original screws loosening their thread is:

Whenever you screw a screw in, turn it backwards until it slightly "clicks" into the thread - Only then start turning in. This makes sure you always hit the old thread and saves on the plastic threads immensely.

Also, don't tighten them as hell - there's no juice to press. ;)


Hardware / What internal RAM expansion?
« on: 2019.September.09. 16:14:48 »
What would be current options for a (moderate, 512k-1M) internal RAM expansion? I understand Saint's board is no longer available.

Thanks, Tobias

Hardware / Re: Donation af EP to Retro Man Cave
« on: 2019.April.06. 15:00:32 »
I tend to watch him as well every now and then, he produces nicely made retro videos.

Good idea, although I don't have a leftover Enti to spare....


Interface / Re: USB to Enterprise serial
« on: 2018.December.11. 12:08:00 »
Some USB/Serial dongles don't support hardware handshake lines at all, some do RTS/CTS, some very sophisticated ones even support DSR/DTR. For those that support the hardware lines, you need to have a proper driver that supports hardware handshake as well (The USB stick needs to convert the pin change to a USB handshake packet and send that to the host and vice versa)

So, the first questions is: Does the chipset on the dongle support hardware handshake? The most common chips known to do that are FTDI USB/Serial chips. In case your dongle has one (and not a cheap Chinese rip-off), chances are high it works.

Another common chip range is the Prolific 2303 - Of these, only the SA, HXD and RA variant seems to support hardware handshake. The others don't (Those are mostly intended for printer interfaces only).

That is the first step to success - The next one is if the Dongle maker managed to expose the hardware handshake lines from the chip - Some do, some don't.

And the next step is whether you got a proper USB driver on the host computer that supports Hardware Handshake. Again, some do, some don't.

Best check very carefully the above points in the product description before you buy such a dongle to get HWHS to work


Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2018.October.27. 14:21:39 »
"Do you think there is a demand for this card for the Enterprise?
will cost around € 89

Now, that's a bit of a silly question with an obvious answer: YES


Interface / Re: Tape emulator vs HxC vs SD Card interface ?
« on: 2018.September.01. 14:57:31 »
I was in your situation some months ago and my favourite storage would have been the SD card interface. I have repeatedly tried to contact SzörG who used to make them, but he doesn't seem to produce them any more.

My second best choice was a disk interface, I now have one of pear's EXOS cards (here) and am entirely happy with it (Maybe not as happy as with an SD card, but happy enough). I use the EXOS card with a dual "real" floppy drive, but a HxC wouldn't be much different.

It would be nice if someone could be persuaded to produce a number of new SD card cartridges.


Interface / Re: Creating EXDOS card clone
« on: 2018.July.31. 22:29:09 »
What I want to know: how change the mounted images from the host computer?

Here's the Manual:


You "move" the "head" to track 255, this switches the HxC to a special mode.
"Sector" 0 on "Track" 255 will then give you access to a status/control sector you can read and write to. Use the "struct direct_access_cmd_sector_" to write command 4 (SELECT_IMAGE_INDEX) with an appropriate image index.
Wait for one index pulse from the disk, then read sector 0 again to verify your command has been executed.

Once you "move" the "head" back to track 0, the image should be selected.

Using other commands, you can even achieve full LBA access to the complete SD card.


Programming / Re: SHA-1 / HTTPS on a Z80?
« on: 2018.July.21. 11:07:23 »

Nice to see how an 80ies CPU would have struggled with tasks we consider "minor background processing" on modern computers.


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