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Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion plus USB
« on: 2021.March.03. 13:04:02 »
I hope that was clear for everyone - it was clear to me.

Software for a USB seriel slave is sortof straightforward. USB host, however, is a lot more complicated and probably beyond the scope of an 80'ies Z80 machine, however intelligent the host chip implementation is.

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion plus USB
« on: 2021.March.02. 23:42:48 »
That sounds really good! And I would definitely be interested in a board.

Programming / Re: Graphics Attribute Mode Example
« on: 2020.October.03. 19:16:53 »
There is a Rom function that returns the value of a character given certain coordinates. A workaround is used: the rows of bytes that are found on the coordinates(on text boundaries) are compared with all the ones on the character set until a match is found.

Which is of course not exactly blazingly fast.... That ROM function needs to scan through the whole character set worst case.

Programming / Re: Graphics Attribute Mode Example
« on: 2020.October.03. 12:02:21 »
Well, in general, you shouldn't regard screen memory as your data store - I'm sure your program knows the position of things in other places (like "PlayerX, playerY",...) as well. If you are doing collision detection based on these positions, you might be better off for all possible modes.

Yep, thanks a bunch for the digest service - It's not always easy to follow all the discssions (and it's easy to lose something you'd actually be interested in) - so, great!

For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2020.August.18. 11:53:13 »
Well, if the eBay offer would be advertised as a "we'll drop everything we're currently doing to supply your order immediately" premium, alternatively "buy at our web store for 30€ less and wait" offer - fine with me. But it isn't.

As it looks to me, every cable sold on eBay would make me wait even longer for the cable bought on the web store.

In fact, the web store has the following nice addition - not sure if that's a recent one:

That promises a 15-day-delivery as well.... (A promise never kept in my experience)

So, all-in-all, another sign that retro hobby is becoming more and more expensive. But: Prices are driven by the market......

Hardware / Re: What internal RAM expansion?
« on: 2020.August.06. 19:53:49 »
The SF3 is interesting, but it seems to offer far more than I'd personally want.

As someone that recently bought one of the new/almost-new Enterprise 64 machines that have been unearthed in Egypt, I just want some more internal memory, and Szorg's lovely SD card adapter.


I'm pretty much in the same situaton and pretty much looking for something similar - A simple, straightforward internal memory expansion.

In case you get something going, I would definitely be interested and willing to help,


Hardware / Re: Questions about SymbiFace3
« on: 2020.July.10. 15:25:21 »
I have a much more basic question:

Where can I get a SF3 and what exactly do I need?


Hardware / Re: Fischertechnik Robot Interface 30520.
« on: 2020.February.14. 16:47:05 »
Just one correction:

Replace "Zange" and "Greifzange" with "Greifer"

And propose to change "R", "S", "L" with "Gelerntes Programm ausführen"/"abspeichern"/"laden"

Hardware / Re: Fischertechnik Robot Interface 30520.
« on: 2020.February.13. 19:36:11 »
They've kept the menu initials in English, apparently.

It is (from top to bottom)

"Teach", "Run", "Save", "Load", "Home", "End"

Other topics / Re: Switching Between Keyboard Languages?
« on: 2020.January.14. 08:53:39 »
In addition to this RtL, Arabic characters change their shapes based on their positions in words. For example, a character such as م can be at least written in 4 different shapes (isolated, initial, middle & end)!
Arabic is indeed a complicated language. Proper Arabic support on modern computer also needs to support diacritics, where characters change their shape according to their neighbors (that was apparently what you meant).
The Sinclair ZX Spectrum actually was available with an Arabic ROM as well, supporting RTL writing, but no diacritics. It's fun to at least try that out in an Emulator (Right-toLeft BASIC programs do look weird!). The ROMs are available from WoS.


Other topics / Re: Switching Between Keyboard Languages?
« on: 2020.January.12. 15:30:33 »
The BRD.Rom addition was a lucky event forced by language restrictive laws on Germany just at the Enterprise launching times.

I'm pretty sure that's an urban legend - I can't remember anything that would have forced computer manufacturers to produce German keyboards or ROMs (other than Germany being an attractive market back then).


Wanted / Re: What Micro magazine 84/1, 85/2
« on: 2019.December.15. 23:33:43 »
The Sinclair ZX81 in kit form, when it was released in 1982, was GBP 99.99 - an unbelievable price for an unbelievably non-computer.

Compared to that, the EP was cheap at GBP200 two years later.


Other topics / Re: Off-topic (English)
« on: 2019.November.22. 11:02:26 »
Thank you!
So, you can use welcher, welche, welches for non-countables (Stoffbezeichnungen)? I had the feeling that there should be some rule for this but I haven't found it anywhere.

Möchtest du Tee? - Ja, ich möchte welchen - Is it correct too?

Correct, but considered (slightly) colloquial.

You might want to read here on indefinite pronouns.

Other topics / Re: Off-topic (English)
« on: 2019.November.21. 21:44:32 »
Are there any German members here? Do you feel the following senteces correct? I mean the last word at the end of each line (eins/welche, keinen, eine/welche):

Wir haben kein Brot. Geh und kauf eins/welche.
Möchtest du Tee? - Nein, ich trinke keinen.
Öffne das Fester! Ich brauche Luft. - Auch ich brauche eine/welche.

This is obviously a test for non-countables' pronouns. Bread, tea and air are (can be, "Brot" can be an exception if you mean a specific loaf of it) non-countables - here "Stoffbezeichnungen" -  in German that go with indefinite pronous.

Wir haben kein Brot. Geh und kauf welches. (you mean the uncountable thing, the concept)
Wir haben kein Brot. Geh und kauf eins. (You mean "one loaf of it". Could be considered colloquial)
Möchtest du Tee? - Nein, ich trinke keinen.
Öffne das Fester! Ich brauche Luft. - Auch ich brauche welche.

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