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Hall of Fame / Re: Box-Soft
« on: 2015.February.22. 13:03:18 »

Hi Zozosoft

Yes the footballer looks right and the surfer is definitely correct.

Are those other images really from an Enterprise? WOW is all I can say. If only we did that back then. :)

Ok that explains why I never saw the HD interface...

All very memory invoking..


Hall of Fame / Re: Box-Soft
« on: 2015.February.22. 10:21:49 »

Hi, EP addict, gflorez

Wow you found them! They bring back memories.

The scanning hardware was a rotring pen nib that I pulled the guts out of and stuck a LDR (with a lens I think) to the top. Then just raster scanned the image (the space man was in a news paper). At every pixel I worked out the gray level and plotted it to the screen. The stars in the background I think were added later.
It was not high res as you can see and wobbled. Also when drawing the base was a sheet of glass to get a flat surface suspended on bolts. So every time the pen dropped it went "plink". The sound is still in my head. plink, plink.......

The other image I think might have been a composite of 2 images where they were xored selectively using the drawing program that I shipped with the mouse.

It was not until many years later I heard the Enterprise went over to Hungary. I thought it all died as the parent company filed for bankruptcy in the UK. Its great it got used more.

The Private Enterprise magazine tally looks kind of right in the end others took over, Eamon would know for sure. I used to keep a collection in my loft but cleared it out in the past.

From memory there was only a floppy interface developed by Enterprise themselves. When I looked at hard drives they were massive and had no memory I do not remember one being available while I was playing with it. I tried opening the link to the ECI mag but it just brings up blank pages so cannot see it brings back memories.

Neil Blaber you can kind of see where he was going as in the last IEUG mag is pushing disks with MSDOS freeware. Last I heard from him he was a manager of some  tech department. I would have to look back through linked in to see where exactly.

Kevin Richards last I looked runs a company writing compiler optimizers for the games industry. It fits as when I knew him he wrote his own asm compiler.

Sorry I will write more but have some orders to fulfill before tomorrow so better get on with them.

Cheers Tim

Hall of Fame / Re: Box-Soft
« on: 2015.February.20. 20:10:41 »
Hi, Thanks for the warm welcome...

Russ, if you went up into the loft with me to look at them, then it will be you. Also part of it was a monitor. It was like a box with minimal bessel.

You said you and your friend/colleagues liked to set themselves a task of converting spectrum games over. I was impressed!

My computing started with a Spectrum 16k. I was never any good at programming but had fun with it. I built an XY plotter that I used to draw and scan images. And even drew my girlfriends 21st birthday invite with.  Later when I got my Enterprise I scanned some more images (very slowly) if there is one out there of an astronaut on the moon with a reflection in the mask. That was done on it.

When I first heard of the Enterprise I was in awe. But it took a long time to get to market. Eventually it was available and I got one.

From the start I was wishing for a mouse, I used to stare at it for hours thinking how cool it would be to use one. In the end I did it my self. I can remember calling up the coder who wrote for it on the Commodore asking how you talked to it. As I was crap at coding I then passed that on to someone else. Andrew Richards took over the coding and wrote the drawing program that was sold with it.
The hardware was my design but as you can see if you ever saw one the edge connectors were a pain, sometimes requiring that you finely adjusted by trimming the heat sink.

The emulator was a prime example of vaporware. I worked out what I want to do and how to do it. But relied on others for help. Their commitments meant they were not able to always help. I got one working (kind off )in the end but it taght me not to go promising anything until you could deliver.

I can't remember how we started Private Enterprise but it meant I got to play with all the software and hardware which was great. There was a young lad who did all the initial artwork. He was fantastic, he gave it up in the end and Eamon O'leary took over.

I started BoxSoft as I thought that the advertising Enterprise was doing was not upto much and I could do a better job.

I will post more later. I have to catch up with some history on this site...


Hall of Fame / Re: Box-Soft
« on: 2015.February.20. 11:28:16 »

Seems like a great place to say hi.

I'm Tim Box from Box Soft. My only claim to fame is I was involved in Private Enterprise the Fanzine for the Enterprise computer. And some how started selling software for it.

Unfortunately I no longer have any hardware as I gave/sold of my remaining kit to a collector 15+ years ago.

Two enduring memories are of Peter Hiner who wrote ZZZip. He is one clever guy who was really a great chap to boot. And Kevin Richards who the first time he wrote to me ended with Kevin Richards 14.5 years old.

Feel free to ask me anything.



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