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« on: 2017.December.02. 16:29:28 »
I have ordered two magazines some weeks ago. Until now there was no delivery and no answer on my mail where asked when it will be delivered....

Hardware / Re: ZX Spectrum Emulator Card
« on: 2017.March.27. 12:45:23 »
Thanks for the info! I have the 1MB expansion in my Enterprise.
Silly question: what is the command for creating a ramdisk? :-)

Hardware / Re: ZX Spectrum Emulator Card
« on: 2017.March.26. 19:30:01 »
I'am using the SD-Card interface together with the spectrum emulator made by Pear.
When I try to load a Spectrum tap file from C: with the command :zx test.tap the emulator starts and
shows "Tap-Read-Error".
When I start the emulator with :zx and then in the emulator load "" I also can't load a file
Pear thought you might have an idea whats happening?

Hardware / Re: Spectrum emulator
« on: 2016.December.02. 13:37:43 »
Great news!

Interface / Re: Creating EXDOS card clone
« on: 2016.November.08. 19:31:10 »
Is there a place to download some disk images?

Interface / Re: SD card interface
« on: 2016.November.04. 16:34:28 »
Today I had the time to test it :-)
It's working great - I can now use the EXDOS Card clone by pear together with the SD Card Interface.
Thanks for the good work to you all!

Interface / Re: SD card interface
« on: 2016.October.20. 18:15:59 »
Thanks a lot! Silly question: which one of these do I use for my combination of SD-Card and  floppy interface made by Pear?
The 1772 one? :-)

Hardware / Re: Spectrum emulator
« on: 2016.October.07. 09:27:42 »
That would be great Pear! So if you are ready for shipping just send me a PM with the details ;-)

Hardware / Re: Spectrum emulator
« on: 2016.October.06. 21:41:55 »
Would be great, but sadly I have no bus bridge ;-)

Interface / Re: SD card interface
« on: 2016.September.24. 21:55:11 »
Silly question :-)
I've upgraded to 0.4 - in this case the EXDOS card should work together with the SD Card?
In my case it doesn't work - is there something more to do which I doesn't understand?
hmm...in the German version (BRD) I can stop the boot screen - but ESC doesn't work - I have to do a reset to go to BASIC ;-)

Interface / Re: Creating EXDOS card clone
« on: 2016.July.27. 13:17:01 »
Is there a chance to get one of them? Or is it better to wait for a solution buy Pear? ;-)

Games / Re: Top 10 Enterprise Games
« on: 2016.February.08. 17:57:07 »
Thanks for your suggestions so far! :-)

Games / Top 10 Enterprise Games
« on: 2016.February.07. 21:12:29 »
Because the Enterprise is in my gaming room and sometimes vsitors are asking me what good
game they could test on this machine I'd like to ask the "old" Enterprise owners what are the best games.

What can you recommend me to show to the people - or to ask you: "What are the best 10 (or more) games
for the EP (it doesn't matter if they are EP originals or conversions)

Input devices / Re: EnterMice (Joy & PS/2 mouse interface)
« on: 2016.January.04. 20:30:14 »
Thanks - I've used the one from the wiki.
Now it's working - combination:
DS1/2 on Boxsoft Mode and in Paintbox use F4 - EnterMice mode
Strange - but it's working :-)

When you use on both sides EnterMice-Mode Paintbox is not working.

Input devices / Re: EnterMice (Joy & PS/2 mouse interface)
« on: 2016.January.04. 17:44:33 »
Maybe there is something I'am doing the wrong way :-)
I wanted to test the mouse with the Paintbox Software.
What I have done so far:
- loaded mouse.xr
- DIP-Switches: DS 1 = OFF; DS 2 = ON (Boxsoft should be the right one I think?)
- I have not initialised with ":PB" because of the Entermice manual Paintbox is doing this itself.
The mouse isn't working - internal joystick in Pianbox is ok
Whats working?
- Example: Bomb Jack with Joystick in Port 1 and using External Mode in Bombjack (great to use a
Competition Pro for playing :-) )
- Example: Symbos with mouse - DS 1 = OFF; DS2 = OFF
Maybe I'am using a "wrong" version of Painbox?
I'm loading all from a SD-Card (Paintbox in the utility directory on drive M)

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