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Programming / Re: Arcade Game Designer for Enterprise
« on: 2019.January.24. 18:24:22 »
Yep, it's an alternate way of thinking, instead a full suite like the AGDX, using a tool like this you can use whatever you want to edit (Notepad++) or edit the graphics resources (mtpaint or Tiled for example). Anyway, AGDX has a lot more features than only resource editing, you can set a lot of game attributes...

Programming / Re: Arcade Game Designer for Enterprise
« on: 2019.January.23. 19:49:30 »
Long time, no see :)

I've been talking lately with my friend gflorez and as I've been mainly involved in gfx aspects of the AGD Dragon version, I've developed a pretty beta tool capable of parsing a ZX AGD file and extract as PNG files the font, blocks, objects, sprites and map embbeded in the script. The map is generated in Tiled format so it can be exported to other formats (including as image) by this same editor.

Using this tool, the graphic resources can be reworked easily and converted to other formats if needed. A crucial feature is still missing tho, the tool can't, having all the PNG files and Tiled map, regenerate the AGD file ready to compile again with new graphics :-(. Right now, you need to find the way to generate AGD "DEFINE..." statements from these graphic files.

I'm still working on it and eventually I hope to have a bidirectional tool, so one could work with his favourite (graphic and mapping) editors and get back the new AGD file.

It's a Java (JDK8) tool and can be downloaded here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/wqsnde

Quick guide: Simply execute
Code: [Select]
java -jar AGDConverter.jar -i <file.agd>
It's pretty cool to get instantly all the game maps!. I've been testing it with half a dozen of agd files successfully, let me know if anyone finds a bug :-) 

Enterprise DevCompo #2 / Re: [Conversion] Hobbit
« on: 2017.January.14. 09:26:42 »
Really impressive!, many thanks for this! :smt023

The graphics are from the original movies?, have you found acceptable ones for all the places? :-)

Also IMHO a minor drawback, the upper rainbow effect makes hard to read the description, maybe with a lighter blue?

Other topics / Re: Formatting with EPDOS 1.9
« on: 2016.May.19. 21:24:16 »
You Sir, you're a genius!, it worked flawlessly, thanks Zozo!

Now, having an SD interface compatible with EXDOS FDC and I would be the happiest man ever :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

I suppose it's a matter of time of a talented individual. I strongly believe that first SCUMM games are perfectly doable in all machines. Right now even a Oric SCUMM-alike engine is being worked on...and looks fantastic.
Looks really incredible that there's still no Z80 port of this famous engine :-(

These games are the wet dream of a mouse user :-)

Interface / Re: SD card interface
« on: 2016.May.16. 19:38:39 »
Just noticed this one:

How can it be?, is FAT16 (look sdcard0) already supported in EXDOS 1.4 + SDEXT >0.1 or I'm missing something important?

Other topics / Re: Formatting with EPDOS 1.9
« on: 2016.May.16. 16:41:27 »
After some tests I sorted out the problem in the EXDOS rom used: EXDOS14ISDOS10UK-1772
Right now, using EXDOS13ISDOS10 and EPDOS 1.9, formatting works as expected.
As I have a W1772 I supossed that this rom would be the one; but seems that there's something wrong with my setup...

I have also tested FAFO25 as a loadable executable and have failed all attempts to format a floppy. It simply hangs with black screen when checking number of tracks :cry: . I've just copied executable FAFO25UK.COM, does I need something more to make it work?

About the drive, I've reached a safe maximum of 84 tracks (85 sort of works here giving 935K; but the drive makes a subtle bump noise when arriving to track 85 that sounds extremely suspicious) and 11 sectors, giving a whopping 917K once formatted. Eat that Amiga! :-)

EDIT: Btw, the drive model is ALPS DF354H090F

Other topics / Re: Formatting with EPDOS 1.9
« on: 2016.May.16. 14:07:37 »
Thankz Zozo, as always useful info!

To make the long story short, I'm trying to setup a 64KB EEPROM in a new FDC I've recently built (http://www.retrowiki.es/fororw/viewtopic.php?f=679&t=31209, a project reported some time ago and finally ended!). The objective is to have the latest EXDOS and an extra 32KB set of tools. EPDOS 1.9 was the preferred one as it's a nice file manager + tools :-)
Something strange seems to happen as I cannot format floppies neither using extra formats nor standard format.

My machine has 10Mhz and I hope that soon I'll dig up that w177x overclocking :-); but for now, I'll be happy formating 800K-840K floppies :-)

Other topics / Re: Formatting with EPDOS 1.9
« on: 2016.May.16. 12:24:39 »
Using NEC drives he has reported to format at least 84 tracks :shock:. I'm using an Alps drive so I don't expect anything close.
Right now I would be happy formatting to 720K :roll: 

I haven't tried with FAFO, maybe it works better than EPDOS.

Other topics / Formatting with EPDOS 1.9
« on: 2016.May.15. 10:38:36 »
I'm trying to get higher capacity formats with the help of EPDOS 1.9 and I'm not getting anything good from it. When I try to format a floppy, it always fails in the first track throwing a "Sector not found" error. I've even tried the standard format (80/9) without success, same error. If I format the disk from IS-BASIC it works flawlessly.

EPDOS is burnt in a multirom along EXDOS14ISDOS10UK-1772.

Has anyone idea if I need something special to get EPDOS's format working?

Wanted / Re: Another green joystick cap
« on: 2015.March.26. 22:55:31 »
Hey, I like the aluminium one. You can always paint it green :mrgreen:

Other topics / Re: Quick note to say hi!
« on: 2014.September.16. 20:56:03 »
And it works too!!

Sadly, ep128emu doesn't support the mouse and it seems that it's the only input device...

Other topics / Re: Quick note to say hi!
« on: 2014.September.15. 13:27:46 »
Welcome and congrats for keeping such a great collection!. You have really cool items ;-)

Interface / Re: Creating EXDOS card clone
« on: 2014.September.12. 21:17:40 »
Good news!, seems that the controller was 100% working after all. It was only a big mess with the cabling used :oops:

Now it's time to polish the design...

Interface / Re: Creating EXDOS card clone
« on: 2014.September.12. 12:16:13 »
Indeed, they work fine. Seems that 74LS38 were used instead 7438 and they're giving some problems. He replaced two of three with real 7438 and the card looked more stable, he's now waiting for some 7438 to keep testing with all three replaced. The card is in a very alpha stage tho...

I think that once the prototype works, some optimizations will be performed on it.

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