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VIDEO: / interlaced graphics
« on: 2017.April.08. 22:57:08 »
does anyone have a progream that can convert pc graphics to enterprise modes please especially interlaced modes?


Emulators / uhf tv output
« on: 2013.October.25. 16:08:17 »
is anyone modifiying an emulator to recreate the phosphoric delay and crosstalk synchronization - possibly the latter was not suffered by enterprise folks but it sure as heck would genuineify they zx spectrum emulators
also the emulator that can run rzx files can replay a full program including the keypresses - is this possible on enterprise
try fuse and zx spin
or real spectrum if you want to emulate the DMA in the MB-02+ disk interface

VIDEO: / enterprise screen conversion
« on: 2013.October.25. 16:06:17 »
is there a pc app/program that can convert pc jpg bmp files to enterprise even if they are interlaced please?
i am using bmp2scr which works for the zx spectrum and sam coupe - it also manages video of 
320x200 or 256x192 which is quite close to enterprise capabilities
is anyone organising greater cooperation between different 8bit machines that share the same processor please?
are there any directories of websites for the different machines? zx spectrum software converted for enterprise and cpc stuff - it is on those downloadable disks but does anyone have a text file to let us know what software is on each disk please
was there no software for the FPU that the enterprise added?
zx spectrum adds a DMA with the MB-02+ interface no one tried this for the enterprise?

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