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Hardver / Re: EPSON SD-600 meghajtó?
« on: 2021.March.12. 11:04:30 »
Hihetetlen, hogy ezeket az ősrégi PC-s lemezeket be tudtam olvasni Enterprise-szal:

Interface / Re: Internal memory expansion plus USB
« on: 2021.March.03. 10:59:00 »
Just to be clear, in case it is not clear to everyone... this would NOT allow a USB memory stick to be plugged in because it would be a USB slave device. To allow a USB memory stick it would have to be a USB host/master. In the past I have looked for a USB host chip that could be easily interfaced to the EP (ie. a parallel memory mapped type interface) but I could not find one, they all seem to be i2c etc.

But correct me if I am wrong...

Games / Re: Games for IS-DOS
« on: 2021.February.13. 11:15:39 »
:lol: The difference between someone who uses £ as their currency and someone who doesn't! :lol:

Games / Re: Games for IS-DOS
« on: 2021.February.13. 10:44:35 »
I have always thought OPEN £1 looked silly, it should be OPEN #1:!

Games / Re: Games for IS-DOS
« on: 2021.February.13. 09:53:15 »
Or maybe # is more useful than £ in IS-DOS, especially considering most use is in Hungary, so just change £ to # permanently in new IS-DOS? :shock:

Programming / Re: Improving IS-DOS
« on: 2021.February.12. 10:55:33 »
It would be interesting to know if any code was already written for that in Verner's archive.
No, I don't think so. Definitely not by me - version 1.0 was released and I never touched it again! (Time, bancruptcies...)

Maybe the most useful additions would be those that allow more existing programs to run if they don't already. Bit I'm not sire what those are!

Programming / Re: Improving IS-DOS
« on: 2021.February.12. 01:21:22 »
Back at the very end of IS/Enterprise, Robert Madge went to Japan to try and sell IS-DOS to the MSX consortium as MSX-DOS 2, and also to try and sell a version for the 64180 using its paging features. As we now know this didn't work out, and Microsoft stole the undel feature :evil:. But a number of documents were written to support this trip including ideas for future features in IS-DOS. And in among all the jumbled up source code from Verner were these documents! They are Wordstar documents so you can read them using IS-DOS itself (or you can just about make them out in a text editor.)

I think the main things are environment variables, redirection, piping (as were in MS-DOS at the time) and... the big one... multiple simultaneous TPAs (using EP or 64180 paging) and co-operative multitasking. So you could have Wordstar running in one TPA and press Alt+TAB or something to switch to another TPA and run something else. Well you did ask! :lol:

Emulátorok / Re: Xep128
« on: 2021.February.01. 16:36:21 »
Jut eszembe errol, ezt is visszaallitottam: http://ep.lgb.hu/club-logo/
:lol: :lol: :lol: I havn't seen that before :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hardware / Re: Like a Z180, but much better ... the Z280
« on: 2021.January.23. 18:54:30 »
Did EXOS/EXDOS/IS-DOS/BASIC all work without using any of the undocumented IXH/IXL/IYH/IYL instructions?
I don't think any of the standard EP software uses undocumented features of the Z80, the IS programmers were professionals! :mrgreen:

Programming / Re: IS-DOS crash bug.
« on: 2021.January.23. 18:49:07 »
Yes I think you're right... it's a binary number with leading 0s, but only 7 digitts! :oops: I think it is meant to be 10h, which resets the channels and devices. Having said that it seems unlikely that that piece of code has ever been executed, as it is only a final attempt at doing *something* if it is unable to open its normal channels.

And yes I think you need to reset SP after an EXOS reset. It is because EXOS switches to its own internal stack when you do an EXOS call (because... paging) but to allow re-entrant calls it keeps a re-entrancy count and only switches back to the user's stack when returning from the initial call. But the reset function has to reset the re-entrancy count.

I'm sure it says it somewhere, but I agree it is not in the obvious place in the kernel spec and I can't find it now!

Hardware / Re: Like a Z180, but much better ... the Z280
« on: 2021.January.21. 12:11:58 »
But when I started to put Z180 to Enterprise don't know the words about the new model are fake... :roll:
But if you had not done it you would have missed all that fun soldering wires :twisted: :lol:

Programming / Re: IS-DOS crash bug.
« on: 2021.January.14. 19:45:48 »
you can already accomplish nearly all of this extra functionality just by using native EXOS and EXDOS calls within an IS-DOS program, or you can just write a native EXOS application.
And you can make an EXOS/EXDOS program that can be run from IS-DOS or loaded as an EXOS program! https://enterpriseforever.com/programming/com-file-for-is-basic-and-is-dos/ :mrgreen:

Programming / Re: IS-DOS crash bug.
« on: 2021.January.11. 21:06:11 »
and others.
Please don't think of any others! :lol: ;-)

Programming / Re: IS-DOS crash bug.
« on: 2021.January.11. 19:20:28 »
Hi elmer,

Here are two slightly modified files...could you incorporate them into your "IS-DOS 1.1" source please? The changes are all within IF EXDOS3...ELSE...ENDIF blocks (with EXDOS3 EQU TRUE at the top) so that it is obvious what I have changed (they are not big changes!) Thanks!

BTW SD Card versions of EXDOS 3 will have ISDOS.SYS in ROM! :roll:

Programming / Re: IS-DOS crash bug.
« on: 2021.January.10. 23:17:44 »
There is a time for version 1.1!
I am keen for the EXDOS 3 fix to go in the first new version, I'll do it tomorrow!

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