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Játékok / Re: Enterprise Gamebase
« on: 2012.March.04. 12:32:37 »
Etwa wieviel Enterprise-Spile gibt es zusammen? Ich meine mit dem Spectrum und sonstigen Überschreibungen (Konvertirungen).

In meiner GameBase habe ich ca. 1200 Spiele archiviert.

Games / Re: Enterprise goes TOSEC !
« on: 2011.November.12. 21:19:06 »
Hi all,

just want to inform you, that the TOSEC Enterprise 64 & 128 is now released  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:
TOSEC Release (2011-11-11)

If you already have an account on UG you can help seeding the stuff.
You can download the TOSEC Enterprise on Underground Gamer

I'm also uploading the TOSEC right now to MR.Prise FTP !
So you can get it here in the download-section.



For Sale / Re: Ebay auctions
« on: 2011.October.17. 18:37:54 »
Rare version of the German EP128 on the Ebay. It is with a Enterprise 128K label not with the common ONE TWO EIGHT label.

It was sold for 136 €  :shock:
think i will never be a proud owner  :smt089

Games / Re: Enterprise goes TOSEC !
« on: 2011.April.22. 14:03:49 »
Where is it? I cannot find it.
Downloads / Unofficial_TOSEC / [unofficial] TOSEC - Enterprise 64 & 128 - Games (TOSEC-v2011-04-20).zip  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

Games / Re: Enterprise goes TOSEC !
« on: 2011.April.20. 22:22:53 »
Hi again,

i've uploaded my TOSEC Enterprise 64 & 128 - Games (TOSEC-v2011-04-20) to MrPrise ftp.
It should be available soon in the Downloadsection.

Some notes to this :
This TOSEC - Pack is unofficial for now  :!:
An official release could come in a few weeks (or maybe month)
Maybe there will also be some changes in the official release.....

But i've decided to share my unofficial TOSEC-Pack here in the Forum.
(furthermore i use this set for my Enterprise-eCC-Project, wich is nearly finished)

it was necessary to rename some Games in low ascii chars. (because of the TOSEC Naming rules)

Example :
Középkorjáték (19xx)(-)(hu)(PD)[basic]

is now :
Kozepkorjatek (19xx)(-)(hu)(PD)[basic]

The TOSEC-Set is splitted in 6 Set's

- Games
-- [BAS]
--- Multipart
--- Single
-- [COM]
--- Multipart
--- Single
-- [DTF]
-- [IMG]

I put also my clrmamepro Datfiles in the pack.

Enjoy  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

Games / Re: Problems with IstvanV's Boulderdash Collection
« on: 2011.April.16. 22:23:45 »
O.K. , I think i've got it  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:
Thanks again, IstvanV !

I think, i will do this trick also on some other dumps, wich have the same crc32. (most trained dumps)


Games / Re: Problems with IstvanV's Boulderdash Collection
« on: 2011.April.16. 20:00:40 »
Thanks IstvanV. I'll try it   ;-)
In the case i fail with creating "new versions" i'll call you back....so, you can do it for me.......... :shock:

Games / Problems with IstvanV's Boulderdash Collection
« on: 2011.April.16. 18:28:41 »
Hi all,

the problem is, the Frontend eCC (EmuControlCenter) reads the crc 32 checksum of the startextensionfile (*.com) to identify a Game....

But IstvanV's Boulderdash Collection has the same crc32 for different Games  :(

bouldash.com = crc 61C8B682
- boulder3 (Boulder Dash 3 C64)
- boulder2 (Boulder Dash 2 C64)
- boulder1 (Boulder Dash C64)
- bouldash (CPC verzió)

bouldash.com = crc DC225A3F
- bd2cc (Boulder Dash Classic Collection)
- bd1cc (Boulder Dash 2 Classic Collection)

So i can't sort/archive them correctly with eCC.

The solution would be to have the *.com's in diff. crc32 checksumms !

@IstvanV : Can you change the startextensions in the games, the way, that each game has a diff. *.com - crc32 checksumm ?

That would be great  :cool:

Games / Re: Enterprise goes TOSEC !
« on: 2011.April.04. 22:19:48 »
to your Info :
I've finished renaming the Enterprise Games. (1732 Files)  :cool:
Now, they will be checked by the TOSEC-Team.....hope we have an official release soon  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:

After finishing the GameBase Enterprise v1.0 , i'm now working on a release on the Frontend EmuControlCenter (eCC).
When finishing this one, i'll post it here.

Also : There is a new Frontend in developement : eCC2 - The next Generation.  :cool:
eCC 2 is written in Java, and should work on all OS.
It is still an early WIP, but it has nice Features that ecc(1) don't have.....(like watching video clips of the games....)


Játékok / Re: Enterprise Gamebase
« on: 2011.March.22. 09:42:28 »
Danke sehr Vicman! Ansonsten gratuliere ich dir, dass du meine ungarishen Shriften verstanden hast!
Google war mein Freund beim Übersetzen  :roll:

Ich habe natürlich auch XP SP3 installiert, ich benötige kein Virtualbox.
ups....dann kannst du ja GameBase v1.3 ganz normal benutzen.....habe ich dann wohl irgendwie falsch verstanden.... :smt021 :smt005

Danke nochmals für deine Mühe!
Gern geschehen ! Ich danke dir für deine Spiel-Konvertierungen  :smt002

Játékok / Re: Enterprise Gamebase
« on: 2011.March.20. 20:15:59 »
Hi all,

i will now write in German, because Attus undertstand this better than my broken english  :oops:

Hallo Attus,
ich habe mir diesen thread mal durchgelesen.

Du hast wohl Probleme mit meiner GameBase Enterprise unter Linux !?

Ich wollte die jgamebase bei mir testen......geht aber nicht, da ich Windows XP benutze, und jgambase unter Windows nicht läuft....

Dann habe ich dein Problem im GB-Forum beschrieben :

"mad" vom GB-Forum hat mir dann die Enterprise.mdb zurück-konvertiert nach GB v1.2

viele Extras, die mit GB v1.3 funktionieren, werden jetzt allerdings nicht mehr funktionieren....(autostart der Spiele, Internet-links, etc...)
Du kannst es ja trotzdem mal ausprobieren.

Die beste Lösung um die GameBase Enterprise auf Linux zu starten ist aber wahrscheinlich :
Benutze Virtual Box unter Linux/Ubuntu ! Damit kannst du Windows XP virtuell auf deinem Linux installieren, und
somit auch GameBase v1.3 benutzen  :cool:

hier die 1.email von "mad" :
Code: [Select]
never used J-Gamebase, as the real thing suits me fine.
Talking to Jimbo, he doesn't have XP installed on his computer either. :O
He uses ubuntu http://www.ubuntu.com/ (Linux).
[b]Then creates a Virtual Box http://www.virtualbox.org/ running XP and
Gamebase v1.3 from that.
This is what you friend should do, then all future gamebases work on his
i have tested virtual box myself and it's amazing, you can run Win7 from
a window in XP. ;)
and no licence activation bother, as it's not real.
sounds insane but it works. ;)

hier seine 2. email :
Code: [Select]
here is my first attempt at converting the ep.mdb.
This WILL crash if you don't run it in Gamebase Toolbox "v1.2" and
select scan and fix errors first.
i haven't tested this. as i am not rolling back.
remember there are lots of gamebase v1.3 bug fixes, running in v1.2
might cause it to lock up if one of those bugged options are used.
gametab_x.16x16 graphics
long screen shot filenames
download link extras.
Virtual Box is the best and only way to go for Linux users. ;)

Im Anhang findest du die konvertierte Enterprise.mdb  :cool:
Hoffentlich klappt es damit......

Ansonsten solltest du vielleicht Virtual Box benutzen !


Games / Enterprise goes TOSEC !
« on: 2011.March.12. 21:03:09 »
Hi Guy's,

i think you all know TOSEC and the TNC (Tosec Naming Convention)

There are currently only 49 Games listet at the TOSEC DAT "Enterprise 64 & 128 - Games (TOSEC-v2004-03-13_CM).dat"
And that's a shame for all Retro-Fans......
Now, i just want to inform you, that i'm working on renaming your Enterprise-Game-Dumps into TOSEC-Status.  :ds_icon_cheesygrin:
When i've finished it, i will give it to the TOSEC-Guy's for updating the Enterprise.Dat  :cool:

Up to now, i've renamed 370 Files : Here are some Examples.....
Code: [Select]
10 Hajó Elsüllyesztése (2000)(RLS)(hu)(PD)[requires zrom][BASIC].zip
10th Frame (1987)(U.S. Gold)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
10th Frame (1987)(U.S. Gold)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
180 (1986)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[h BAM][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
19 Part 1 - Boot Camp (1988)(Cascade Games)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
1942 (1986)(Elite Systems)[h BAM][t][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
1942 (1986)(Elite Systems)[h BAM][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
3D Starfighter (1988)(Code Masters)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
4-es Játék (19xx)(-)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
720 Degrees (1987)(U.S. Gold)[h Sandor, G.][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
720 Degrees (1987)(U.S. Gold)[h Zozosoft][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
A-Team, The (1988)(Zafiro Software Division)(es)(Part 1 of 2)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
A-Team, The (1988)(Zafiro Software Division)(es)(Part 1 of 2)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
A-Team, The (1988)(Zafiro Software Division)(es)(Part 2 of 2)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
A-Team, The (1988)(Zafiro Software Division)(es)(Part 2 of 2)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
Abyss (1985)(Artificial Intelligence).zip
Academy - Tau Ceti II (1987)(CRL Group)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
ACE - Air Combat Emulator (1986)(Cascade Games)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Action Force (1987)(Virgin Games)[h][t][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Action Force (1987)(Virgin Games)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Action Force II (1988)(Virgin Games)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Action Force II (1988)(Virgin Games)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
Action Reflex (1986)(Mirrorsoft)[h BAM][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Advanced Pinball Simulator (1990)(Codemasters)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Adventure Quest (1984)(Level 9 Computing)[BASIC].zip
After the War - Part 1 (1989)(Dinamic Software)(es)[h GunSoft][t][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Afterburner (1988)(Activision)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Agent Orange (1987)(A & F Software)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Airborne Ranger (1988)(Microprose Software)[h SEM][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Airbrush (1983)(Soft Hits)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Airwolf (1985)(Elite Systems).zip
Airwolf (1985)(Elite Systems)[a].zip
Airwolf (1985)(Elite Systems)[t].zip
Airwolf II(1986)(Elite Systems)[h SEM][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Alchemist (1983)(Imagine Software)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Alchemist (1983)(Imagine Software)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
Alien 8 (1985)(Ultimate Play The Game)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Alien Attack (1988)(Mr. X)[h Geco][unreleased][Amstrad CPC].zip
Alien Evolution (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Alien Evolution (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
Alien Highway - Encounter 2 (1986)(Vortex Software)[h Zozosoft - Apuci][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Altered Beast (1989)(Activision)[h GunSoft][t][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Alternative World Games (1990)(A Studio).zip
Amaurote (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][128K].zip
Amaurote (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][128K][EP-Compression].zip
Amaurote (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][48K].zip
Amaurote (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][48K][EP-Compression].zip
Amoto's Puf (1988)(SPE)(es)[h Coorsore][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Amöba (1995)(MuMuS Soft)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Angel Nieto Pole 500cc (1990)(Opera Soft)(es)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Animal Vegetable Mineral (1985)(Bourne Educational)(hu)[BASIC].zip
Animal Vegetable Mineral (1985)(Bourne Educational)[BASIC].zip
Arcadia (1982)(Imagine Software)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Archon II - Adept (1989)(Electronic Arts)[h Jano][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Arkanoid II - Revenge of Doh (1988)(Imagine Software)[h Sandor, G.][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Arkos (1988)(Zigurat Software)(es)[Part 2 of 3][h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Arkos (1988)(Zigurat Software)(es)[Part 2 of 3][h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
Arkos (1988)(Zigurat Software)(es)[Part 3 of 3][h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Arkos (1988)(Zigurat Software)(es)[Part 3 of 3][h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
Armageddon (1983)(Ocean Software)[h BeZo][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Army Moves (1986)(Dinamic Software)(es)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Arnhem (1985)(CCS)(hu)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Arnhem (1985)(CCS)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Asterix and the Magic Cauldron (1986)(Melbourne House)[h Sandor, G.][t][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Asterix and the Magic Cauldron (1986)(Melbourne House)[h Sandor, G.][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Astro Blaster (1983)(Quicksilva)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
ATF - Advanced Tactical Fighter (1988)(Digital Integration)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
ATF - Advanced Tactical Fighter (1988)(Digital Integration)[h IstvanV][t][unreleased][Amstrad CPC].zip
Athena (1987)(Imagine Software[h Sandor, G.][unreleased][ZX Spectrum]).zip
Atic Atac (1983)(Ultimate Play The Game)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Atic Atac (1983)(Ultimate Play The Game)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
Atom Ant (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)[h][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Atomix (2006)(PoviSoft).zip
ATV Simulator - All Terrain Vehicle (1987)(Codemasters)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
ATV Simulator - All Terrain Vehicle (1987)(Codemasters)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum][EP-Compression].zip
Auf Wiedersehen Monty (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[h Sandor, G.][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Automania (1985)(Mikro-Gen)[h BAM][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Autós Teszt (19xx)(-)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Autóverseny (2000)(RLS)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Avalon (1984)(Hewson Consultants)[h Attus][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Avenger (1986)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[h Jano - Bill][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Awari (19xx)(Marik, Peter)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Falromboló (19xx)(-)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Felhasználó Teszt (1994)(Kiss, Laszlo)(hu)(PD)[requires zrom][BASIC].zip
Flipi (1984)(Wr. Agostini)[h BAM][unreleased][ZX Spectrum].zip
Fradi Demo (19xx)(Horvath, Tamas)(hu)(PD)[requires zrom][BASIC].zip
Gombaszedö (19xx)(Erik Software)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Gyémánt Kaland (1992)(RLS)(hu)(PD)[requires brd-rom][BASIC].zip
Hamika (19xx)(Zozosoft)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Head over Heels (1987)(Ocean Software)[h Geco][2007][unreleased][Amstrad CPC].zip
HERO (2005)(Flynn)(PD)[h Geco][2009][unreleased][Amstrad CPC].zip
Holdraszállás (19xx)(Szabo, Tibor)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Holdraszállás (19xx)(Szabo, Tibor)(hu)(PD)[requires zrom][BASIC].zip
Hungry Men (19xx)(Bodnar, Tamas)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Huszonegyezés (1998)(RLS)(hu)(PD)[requires zrom][BASIC].zip
Hydrofool (1987)(Faster Than Light)[h IstvanV][2010][unreleased][Amstrad CPC].zip
Impossible Mission (1985)(U.S. Gold)[h Geco][2010][unreleased][Amstrad CPC].zip
Impossible Mission (1985)(U.S. Gold)[h IstvanV][unreleased][Amstrad CPC].zip
Impossible Mission II (1988)(US Gold)[h Geco][m][t][v1.07][2006][unreleased][Amstrad CPC] .zip
Impossible Mission II (1988)(US Gold)[h Geco][m][t][v1.15][2006][unreleased][Amstrad CPC] .zip
Impossible Mission II (1988)(US Gold)[h Geco][m][t][v2.07][2006][unreleased][Amstrad CPC] .zip
Impossible Mission II (1988)(US Gold)[h Geco][m][t][v2.15][2006][unreleased][Amstrad CPC] .zip
IQ Teszt 1 (1988)(FSZ Studio)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
IQ Teszt 2 (1988)(FSZ Studio)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Itt a piros (1999)(RLS)(hu)(PD)[requires zrom][BASIC].zip
Jump Jack (19xx)(-)(hu)(PD)[BASIC].zip
Jól érzi magát a börében (1995)(Kiss, Laszlo)(hu)(PD)[requires zrom][BASIC].zip

and so on....

Hope to finish it in a few weeks  ;-)

Games / Re: GameBase Enterprise v1.00 released
« on: 2011.February.17. 11:03:04 »
On the Windows 1.3 version i can't get in to the gamebase interface. It just says that there are no gamebase folders to chose from, and I have to create one.
I will try to post on the main gb-forum. :-)

Just a quick reply to all Forum-Members :
We have solved the problem for the Windows 1.3 Version.....
If you download the GameBase Enterprise here on Forum, be sure you rename the folder from :
Vicman_GameBase_v1.0 into Enterprise
Example : C:\GameBase\Enterprise  :cool:

@MrPrise : Maybe you can repack/rename the rar-File into Enterprise ? or make a subfolder : Vicman_GameBase_EP_v1.0\Enterprise.rar

Games / Re: GameBase Enterprise v1.00 released
« on: 2011.February.15. 21:37:29 »
Hi John,

have you also set the Script File to it right place ?
(i.e.1. E:\GameBase\Enterprise\Emulator\ep128emu\gb.cfg)

The emulator ep128emu in the GameBase-Folder is pre-installed. No need to setup....
also be sure, you use the latest "Main-GameBase v1.3.

and maybe you should write your problems on the GB64-Forum, so .mad. can also help here  ;-)

edit :
i'm offline for today....see you tomorrow.....

Games / Re: Problem with Batman (3D - Adventure)
« on: 2011.February.09. 21:03:07 »
oh.....thank you  :cool:

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