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Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: Yesterday at 02:00 »
Ok, I have managed to take this short video with my phone on my left hand while I was playing with my right hand on the little screen.

The idea is that the RSF3 can also work stand alone, not connected to the host computer.

Hardver / Re: Az a fránya L2 tekercs...
« on: 2022.November.26. 21:20:34 »
A tiéd egy szokatlan bemutató, amely sok felhasználót fog boldoggá tenni... üdvözöljük.

Yours is an unusual presentation that will make happy a lot of users... welcome.

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2022.November.26. 19:07:04 »
The touch screen allows better control of the inner settings of the device. For example, romtables are set doing clicks on the screen, SID player, FM player, are like apps on the screen.

Maybe a video would show better how it actually works.


Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2022.November.26. 10:39:37 »
New "face" is coming for the RSF3 EP version:

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2022.November.25. 15:01:41 »
(Sorry, I have explained Ron that Zozo is working on the SF3 driver and Bruce Tanner on EXDOS3.0)

The original Bactron game was released protected on disc or tape. I have found this cracked-protection version that even has some errors fixed.

I have tested it on Geco's CPCEmu, and it runs and loads some image, then it hangs. It probably access the hardware directly when doing a moving horizontal bar effect just at the beginning(not begging...)

Aha, probably you have guessed what I was really thinking.....: If these games aren't on the Enterprise database maybe some of them are good candidates for an Enterprise conversion if Geco(or other of our geniuses) thinks they have enough quality....

On the list, yes, the "Get Dxter" engine seems like the wonderful one on Inside Outing, but I am also very impressed by others, like Bactron, or the almost actual "Hire Hare"(2016) and its sequel "Dire Dare"(2022), this last one of course not listed.

Great initiative!

I love isometric games. They were one of the peaks of programming and resource savings of the classic era, giving us complete worlds to explore on our little computers. Much the same as the Freescape saga.

Not related, but searching for more games by Remi Herbulot ("Get Dexter" saga creator with Michel Rho) I have found that he made other great game for CPC named Purple Saturn Day. (It is also 3d but not isometric, and uses mouse cursor on the phase game selection because it was also launched on versions for Amiga and Atari ST).

Hardware / Re: Enterprise Deployment Attempt Over FPGA.
« on: 2022.November.09. 12:52:56 »
I also have poor knowledge about the inners of a FPGA... Thanks that I have Kyp to explain me....

The BRam is important because 64KB are used to implement the Enterprise dual port video memory. Nick and the Z80 access the video memory at the same time, but Nick has priority over the Z80 on the real machine, so there is what Kyp names "contention", this is, the Z80 has to wait until Nick makes its chores. "Contention" is usual on other computers, like Spectrum and CPC, but for other reasons.

Said this, on the actual Enterprise implementation there is no "contention". This means that a program running on the video Ram segments(FC-FF) will be faster than on the real machine, because the Z80 access to video Ram is not delayed. This will change on a future.

Hardware / Re: 6Mhz and more...
« on: 2022.November.09. 12:32:39 »
Yes, exactly the same is what I intended(but didn't manage...) to express following your commentary, sorry. Is for that I pointed that this clock generator is not the first microcontroller-driven device we have accepted. Even the WD177X is a dedicated controller, and the Xilings CPLD on every SD-Cartridge is programmable.

Imagine what the Enterprise would have been if designed on actual FPGAs....

Edit: I forgot the GAL on every Saint's Ram expansion, it is also programmable.

Hardware / Re: 6Mhz and more...
« on: 2022.November.08. 15:09:44 »
Micro controllers are not new to the EP, EnterMice or SF3 use them. The Z80 is great, but needs some aid for some demanding tasks.

Joke mode: You are right, the good orthodox side of "The Force" would have been to create an interface so the Z80 could itself manage the clock generator to be enslaved by it.....

Hardware / Re: 6Mhz and more...
« on: 2022.November.07. 19:35:38 »
Great, it is slower than the emulator(0,4Mhz).

Hardware / Re: 6Mhz and more...
« on: 2022.November.07. 11:33:30 »
Ah, great. I have already seen other uses of the ESP8266 as a cheap controller but I have not figured it this time. Amazing.

Does it smoothly change the clock step by step?

Hardware / Re: 6Mhz and more...
« on: 2022.November.07. 07:32:21 »
Gondolom, hogy belsejébe megy, mert látok egy ESP8266 Wifi modult. Ehhez az órajel-generátor három vezetékén kívül további csatlakozásokra lenne szükség.


I imagine it goes inside, because I see an ESP8266 Wifi module. That would need more connections in addition to the three wires for the clock generator.

Konvertálás / Re: SPemu
« on: 2022.October.28. 10:25:44 »
Great! wonderful and addictive game.

Yes, Geco added long ago Kempston mouse emulation to SPEmu128. It works on the emulator and on the real EP+EnterMice.

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