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Hardware / Re: Your Enterprise configuration?
« on: Today at 12:44 »
Hello, welcome Dawlane.

You are probably right, the 64KB models were built with the defective earlier Nick. But the defect has also some degrees, not showing itself on a common use. Even so, it will give you a lot of enjoyment. If the cooper shield is firmly glued, maybe it is a good decision to leave it there.... You will not gain a lot better performance with a modern heat-sink....

It seems that you have some skills. I recommend you to do the internal Eprom mod, to install the Zozo's modified EXOS Rom. The EXOS 2.0 version that came with your EP is slightly incompatible with the common 2.1 EXOS version they fitted on the 128 model, and also some other errors have been fixed by Zozo. 

You can even put an internal expansion memory, there are free gerbers to make it one yourself.

Even without a massive storage device attached(SD cartridge, floppy controller SymbiFace3), you can still load programs by tape, for example from a PC audio output. It will be slow, but the EP will work the same once the game or program loaded.

« on: 2022.June.10. 20:28:51 »
Remek dal!

Sinclair saving money with defective components... but thanks to him a lot of people started with computers.

Memória / Re: SRAM a Pear EXDOS-on
« on: 2022.June.01. 13:28:28 »
Vagy adja hozzá az információt a wikihez.


Or add the information to the wiki.

Memória / Re: SRAM a Pear EXDOS-on
« on: 2022.May.29. 16:21:30 »
A való világban a SymbiFace3 segítségével hozzáadhatja a teljes fennmaradó memóriát, Ram-et vagy Rom-ot, akár 4MB-ig.

Az EXOS maga használja az összes memóriát, csak kezeli azt. Meglepő módon folyamatosan ugyanúgy viselkedik, ha csak 64KB vagy a teljes 4MB memória van telepítve.


In the real world you can add the total remaining memory, Ram or Rom, up to 4MB, with the SymbiFace3.

EXOS itself makes use of all the memory just managing it. Amazingly it steadily behaves the very same with only 64KB or with the full 4MB memory installed.

Memória / Re: SRAM a Pear EXDOS-on
« on: 2022.May.29. 03:42:09 »
A kapcsolási rajzon a Memória aljzat 31-es pinjének neve /WE, de ezután a jel a J2-re van átirányítva, ahol a /WE vagy az A15 valós értékét kaphatja, a Jumpers pozíciójától függően, a Memóriatípus kiválasztása szakaszban leírtak szerint. 


On the schematic the Memory socket has /WE as name of pin31, but then the signal is redirected to J2 where it can be assigned the real value of /WE or A15, depending on the position of the jumpers, described on the Memory Type Select section. 


I have one with the Q.C. sticker at the right.... The one from my first EP. It was problematic with a Microteam EXDOS card connected, hangs and random errors on Zozo's Ram test.


The bottom one is also made in Philippines, removed from an Amstrad CPC. The chance was to put a finger over it, as it gets hot very fast and hangs.

The problem with these faulty Z80s is that they are not completely broken.

Játékok / Re: Válogatott játékgyűjtemény projekt
« on: 2022.May.26. 20:31:13 »
Nagyon tanulságos. Köszönöm Zozo.


Very instructive. Thank you Zozo.

Spectrum-ról / Re: Spectrum programok átírása
« on: 2022.May.26. 10:27:12 »
Ma kipróbáltam egy joystickkal, és hibátlanul működik. A belső joystick úgy tűnik, hogy bizonyos pozíciókban beragad, miután a botot a középső pozícióba engedte.


Today I have tried with a joystick and it works flawlessly. The internal joystick seems to get stuck in some positions after releasing the stick to the middle position.

Spectrum-ról / Re: Spectrum programok átírása
« on: 2022.May.25. 16:40:39 »
A Speakeasy hangja működik, de a belső joystickkal való mozgás kaotikus. Most nincs joystickom, hogy kipróbáljam.

Nobody is born taught, but enthusiasm impulses us to learn.

I like imagination, mixed with laziness... are the great forces that make us evolve as humans.

Think on Kyp, the FPGA Enterprise core maker, I know him personally since only three years. His interest with the FPGAs started only two years ago. Of course he has a baggage of hardware knowledge, acquired with Spectrums and Amigas, but FPGAs are not like programming an emulator, signals happen all at the same time. You need to change your mind to make what he has done, and continue doing.... next time mouse implementation.... 

You think BIG....

Better do that inside the FPGA. Implement a Super Enterprise with a 200Mhz Z80... Kyp says it is possible...

My dream is for example a MP3 player in the background from the EP Speaker, while I run my recently made matrix code in basic.
 For that I just need a registred User-Interupt, and some data communication with the accelerator, and a SD-card floppy drive.

This is something that can be done easily on a SF3 in Basic, you can launch a MP3 on the SF3 USB pendrive, motorise it while you do your task(volume, bass, treble, pause, play, stop, remain). It takes very few Z80 time to ask the SF3 every now and then how the MP3 task goes.

Some of the things proposed here are at hand with the SymbiFace3 interface.

For example, memory added to the EP with the interface can be manipulated by the ARM processor at the same time(dual port memory), so it is very possible to implement  some form of coprocessor for maths, graphics or compression. There are already some virtual machines done, like the Midi interface, a SID chip or a DAC for playing sound samples, all of them based on classic interfaces or rare developer's only devices. Geco(Software) and Hans(Hardware) implemented them.

A new RSF3 interface has been already proposed by Hans (Geco made the announcement not long ago), with a faster ARM processor and a bigger CPLD(or a little FPGA).

Maybe we can ask Hans to include the colour input signals on the device, to later be able to use them for a future Sprite generator.


But..... more energy is needed on the EP scene.

TVC-ről / Re: Firebow
« on: 2022.May.18. 15:10:05 »


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