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It would be great to write an app to customize the keyboard on the language Roms. The changes are very easy from one to other, but the memory positions aren't the same.

Also, as we said, the next EXOS version will have the keyboard fixed, so it will double the number of versions....

Wanted / Re: Enterprise Case Screws
« on: 2019.June.07. 13:54:35 »
I have bought the screws.

Later, searching on Ebay for "Silicone washer", I have found this product that can suit us:

The thickness of the real ring is about 2,35mm, this is 2mm, also there is no 27mm for the inner diameter, so select 26, but there is 42mm for the outer diameter. Also, the elasticity and hardness could be different, but it worths the try.

Other topics / Re: Allsorts of interesting finds
« on: 2019.June.05. 17:15:44 »
These ENTERface magazines where made by real fans of the Enterprise, with a lot of good information.

Konvertálás / Re: SPEmu128
« on: 2019.June.03. 16:04:00 »
I didn't remember well, but it can be that you only implemented the KM mouse on SPE128.

To fast return to the control menu the best way is to get Larry killed. "Use sign", "Go to taxi", "Talk to driver", "Go to disco", "Go to Exit".

Wanted / Re: Enterprise Case Screws
« on: 2019.June.03. 12:44:11 »
And, are they good for the task? Are, they exactly the same or similar?

Konvertálás / Re: SPEmu128
« on: 2019.June.03. 09:42:01 »
A billentyűzet működik, az a pillanatkép-elemző, aki sikertelen egyes .SNA-képeken.

Ugyanaz a .SNA az SP128-ban a vezérlőmenüből indul, amely lehetővé teszi a felhasználó számára, hogy kiválassza a KM egeret (4. opció), de a SPEMU-nál közvetlenül a játékra ugrik (5. opció), a billentyűzet opcióval aktiválva (1. opció), így az egérrel nem lehet lejátszani. Még mindig nem játszottam a játékot.

The keyboard works, is the snapshot parser who fails on some .SNA images.

The same .SNA on the SP128 starts on the control menu allowing the user to select the KM mouse(option 4), but on SPEMU it jumps directly to the game(option 5) with the keyboard option activated(option 1), so it is not possible to play with the mouse. I still have not played the game.


Konvertálás / Re: SPEmu128
« on: 2019.June.03. 01:59:18 »
Találtam egy vicces játékot a "ZX Larry" nevű 48KB Spectrumnak a "Leisure Suit Larry" pont- és kattintás kalandsorozat első epizódja alapján.

Mindkét emulátoron működik, de csak az SP128 KM egérrel tudtam vezérelni.


I have found a funny game for the 48KB Spectrum named "ZX Larry" based on the first episode of the point & click  adventure series "Leisure Suit Larry".

It works on both emulators, but I have only been able to control it by KM mouse on SP128.

* ZX Larry.ep128s (1280.94 kB - downloaded 12 times.)

Wanted / Re: Enterprise Case Screws
« on: 2019.June.02. 22:24:41 »
A brief description of the screws used can be found on page 40 of the "Enterprise-Code-Book_Parts-and-Suppliers" on Zozo's Enterprise information page:


Wanted / Re: Enterprise Case Screws
« on: 2019.June.02. 20:16:40 »
Some time ago, about a year now, I bought some well made caps to an Hungarian guy here.

Konvertálás / Re: SPEmu128
« on: 2019.June.02. 16:39:24 »

Programming / Re: Universal Mouse Driver
« on: 2019.May.29. 18:55:52 »
Your EnterMice is a better option for me.... But this USB HID port comes included on the SF3 as a gift, and I hate non working things....

Programming / Re: Universal Mouse Driver
« on: 2019.May.29. 15:45:19 »
The Mouse driver now has SimbiFace3 USB mouse support. Only the three normal buttons and wheel.

It can be selected by the usual way ":VAR 189 7".

Hardware / Re: SymbiFace3 is near your Enterprise...
« on: 2019.May.29. 15:41:00 »

A little video showing a test program to try the movement and buttons.


Code: [Select]
ld a,23  ;any number suits except 255, the normal status of the data bus when idle
out (04Fh),a  ; SF3 data bus echo
in a,(04Fh)
cp 23
ret nz   ;no SF3 present
in a,(041h)
cp 0
jr nz, SF3_ready?
ld a,20
out (041h),a ;retrieve mouse data command
in a,(042h) ;-100<>+100
inc a
ld (X_REL),a; 8 signed bits
in a,(042h) ;-100<>+100
inc a
ld (Y_REL),a; 8 signed bits
in a,(042h); bit 0= main button, bit 1= secondary button(right), bit 2= middle button
push af
in a,(042h)  ; Wheel movement -100<>+100

Interface / Re: Enterprise MIDI hardware
« on: 2019.May.26. 18:54:41 »
It is silly to mention it, but the cartridge bay has to stay empty....

Interface / Re: Enterprise MIDI hardware
« on: 2019.May.26. 18:32:15 »
You can use EPDOS17, as an extension(it only allows A,B,C,D and E drives, no SD reader units. I don't find an Epdos19 extension).

It has a lot of commands to manage segments:


This is a google translation of the help of the commands:

CRAM Removes loaded RAM-resident extensions and unlocks the segments they occupy.
Deletes the system expander on the specified number of segments. Bypass the specified number of ROM segments from your ROM chain. Then it is advisable to have RST 2 or a boot release to rebuild the peripheral chain to EXOS.

HRAM Segment number, start address, and HELP list of RAM extensions.
HROM Segment number, RAM area, and HELP list of ROM extensions.

LRAM List of RAM segments.
LROM (file name)
Loads the specified .ROM file. ROM simulation support statement. The "S", "SS" monitor command is suitable for making such files. The loaded max 32K RAM area will be lost. The new ROM is chained and a system restart occurs. The demand for ROMs is then served. Finally, if the ROMs work correctly, EPDOS starts. The EPDOS quick test and EXOS 2.3 will keep the simulated ROM in case of cold start, provided that the segments start with a ? ? ? ? ? ROM string.


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