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Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2021.October.22. 20:11:48 »
Two new games for SymbOS have been released, Sokoban and 2048.

And there is a game on process for the V9990 cartridge, Micro Machines.

CPC-ről / Re: Raster Runner 4 player
« on: 2021.October.14. 13:22:50 »
6 pacman is elférne egyszerre a képernyőn.

Nagyon jó ötlet!
Very good idea!

Maintenance / Re: WTB: Exos 2.4 EPROM
« on: 2021.October.13. 16:16:43 »

Maintenance / Re: WTB: Exos 2.4 EPROM
« on: 2021.October.13. 13:09:37 »
I can make you an Eprom. But first I have to buy it, as I am out of stock.

Játékok / Re: Sötét évszázadok 2
« on: 2021.October.12. 00:27:32 »

A WIKI használata nem elég titkos, mint amire vágytam, de mindig törölhetünk mindent, mielőtt a játék verziói megjelennek....

A kalandban van néhány humoros geg, amit elronthat, ha a játékos játék előtt elolvassa a szöveget.

A teljes angol fordítás segít nekem abban, hogy a nagyon szűkös helyen megtaláljam a megfelelő jelentést, így a végén a szöveg rövidebb, szinte sematikus, de teljes jelentésű lesz.

A szöveget ugyanakkor spanyolra is le fogom fordítani, de a végső mondatok ismét biztosan mások lesznek.

Úgy döntöttem, hogy a különböző nyelvi sorokat inkább alulra teszem, hogy segítsem a munkámat.

Miután az alsó EDIT-en lefordítottunk néhány szöveget, kivághatjuk és beilleszthetjük a szöveget a felső EDIT-re.


Using the WIKI is not enough secret than I have desired, but we always can erase all before the game versions are released....

The adventure has some gags of humour, that can be spoiled if the player reads the text before playing.

The complete English translation will aid me to find the right meaning on the very limited space, so at the end the text will be shorter, almost schematic, but full meaning.

I am going to translate the text to Spanish at the same time, but again, the final phrases will be surely different.

I have opted to better put the different language lines at the underside, to aid me on the work.

Once some text being translated on the lower EDIT we can cut and paste the text on the upper EDIT.

Játékok / Re: Sötét évszázadok 2
« on: 2021.October.10. 23:06:38 »
Oké, kérlek Zozo, ne rontsd el a játékot....

Ide tettem az összes általam talált szöveget és mondatot, olvasható formátumba átrendezve. Ne feledjétek, hogy a kisbetűs betűk az írásjeleket jelentik.

Továbbá a végére tettem három darab formázatlan kódot, amit találtam.

Vissza tudod küldeni nekem a szöveget angolra lefordítva egy fájlban? Majd én elkészítem belőle a spanyol fordítást.

Azt hiszem, hogy a bokor neve "Majuelo" Spanyolországban.

Ok, please Zozo, don't spoil the game....

Here I have put all the text and phrases I have found, rearranged on a readable format. Remember that vowels in lower letters mean punctuation.

Also, at the end I have put three chunks of unformatted code I have found.

Can you return me the text translated to English on a file? I will make the Spanish translation from it.

I think that bush is named "Majuelo" in Spain.

Játékok / Re: Sötét évszázadok 2
« on: 2021.October.10. 17:12:37 »
I am first trying the English version, but I will need your Hungarian aid to continue translating.

This is the list of available objects, but it is very difficult for me to understand their correct meaning with only one word:

Code: [Select]
IDÓGÉP         Time-machine
LANT           HOME
PÉNZ           Money
FÉSÜ           Hair-comb
VÖDÖR          Bucket
VIZ            WATER
TÖRÜLKÖZÓ      towel
ÉGZENGÉS       burning
KARD           CARD
ROHAMMADÁR     Rush-bird
GNR            GNR
ALBUM          ALBUM
LÁNC           Chain
HIRDETÉS       Advertisement 
KIS            KIS ?
TÜZ            Fire
FOGO           FOOD
RÉGI           Old
KÖNYV          Book

The punctuation is the one suggested by the translators. 

Hardware / Re: SE-ONE music file player
« on: 2021.October.08. 20:21:21 »
I remember years ago some of you Hungarians to talk about such tax put by Orban to protect your inner industry. Or maybe I am wrong...

In Spain we can buy cheap things without taxes from third countries, but less than 20€.

More than that price and we have to pay a 21%tax(VAT), but they include the shipping on the price... I think it is an injustice.

Usually they also intent to make us to pay for the customs management, a process that is free if done by oneself.  

Some sellers on third countries allow to pay fixed customs on origin. Such option is a lot cheaper and doesn't stops the packet at customs.

But probably this will not impede the agents to add the Hungary 27% tax over it.

I am not contrary to taxes, I think that fair taxes correctly managed make a Country grow and the citizens happy.


About the Brexit and other bad things to come(for example on Poland), we people always pay the short-sight plans of our nationalist-blind governors.

Hardware / Re: SE-ONE music file player
« on: 2021.October.08. 19:06:45 »
I have bought one of these for 5€, shipping included...

Hardware / Re: SE-ONE music file player
« on: 2021.October.08. 00:50:21 »
Hans has answered, not discouraging me at all.

Connecting more I2C modules is possible, and there is an easy place to connect them, the OLED display.

He also has shown me This video. The device is the same FM chip, but still better, it has an amplifier incorporated. It could give sound externally, but not through the SF3 to the internal EP mixer.

I think it is a feasible option but.... needs some time to implement and test the software to control it, as it is not only like to copy the available SE-ONE or RSF3 code to the SF3.

Now all Hans' time is for the RSF3, but maybe on a future....

Hardware / Re: SE-ONE music file player
« on: 2021.October.07. 10:32:25 »
I don't know... Ask Hans. All in SF3 is managed by I2C, so it is "possible", but I imagine that the SF3 lacks the code to manage the FM module. Easy for him to add it...

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2021.October.05. 12:14:04 »
ZDoom for SymbOS has been released: http://www.symbos.org/appinfo.htm?00043

Játékok / Re: Sötét évszázadok 2
« on: 2021.October.05. 08:58:41 »
I have under-estimated the text amount....

The coder uses a simple but clever trick to add accents: all text is in capital letters except the accentuated vocals.

Also, there is some text on the graphics.

Játékok / Re: Sötét évszázadok 2
« on: 2021.October.04. 21:25:28 »
Nincs sok szöveg, kivéve az elején található magyarázatot. Jó lenne egy angol nyelvű változat.

Emellett megfigyeltem benne egy nagy darab ASCII assembler kódot.

There is not much text, except for an explanation at the beginning. An English version would be nice.

Also, I noticed a large chunk of ASCII assembler code in it.

Programming / Re: SymbOS
« on: 2021.October.04. 14:21:39 »
More SymbOS activity:

NYYR1KK1(Finland), one of the MSX geniuses, has ported to MSX the code of a simplistic Doom clone made for the Texas Instruments calculators TI-83 and TI-83 plus.

Then he has done a port to SymbOS, and Prodatron has become interested and has optimised it.

This video is me playing on an EP with a test version of the game. It is 10Mhz mode, but still very playable on 4Mhz.

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