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EP_SD_Revolution.jpg 323 Re: HW készítés 2019.October.06. 18:33:29
SD_Rev31.jpg 134 Re: SD-kártya interface cartridge-ben 2019.October.06. 15:48:05
SD_Rev 41.jpg 133 Re: SD-kártya interface cartridge-ben 2019.October.06. 15:48:05
SD_Rev31.jpg 327 Re: SD card interface 2019.October.06. 15:35:19
EP Sd rev _.jpg 294 Re: SD card interface 2018.December.09. 20:33:50
IMG_20181107_120518_resized_20181107_120639580.jpg 501 Re: SD card interface 2018.November.07. 12:10:59
EP ram 1Mb.jpg 340 Re: 512K belső RAM bővítés 2017.November.04. 15:34:51
EP ram 1Mb.jpg 167 Re: Internal memory expansion 2017.November.02. 23:29:32
Z80MU.jpg 581 Z80MU - ARM STM32 alapú hardveres emulátor 2017.April.02. 13:19:54
Piros széria.jpg 1344 Re: SD card interface 2017.January.22. 11:59:00
Wolf.jpg 258 Re: [Konverzió] Wolf2004 2016.December.17. 18:45:35
EP pack.jpg 1337 Re: SD card interface 2016.August.03. 22:06:02
SD adapter.jpg 1691 Re: SD card interface 2016.July.26. 09:54:53
EPSD Premium.jpg 1114 Re: SD-kártya interface cartridge-ben 2016.May.17. 11:10:33
Premium.jpg 1875 Re: SD card interface 2016.April.26. 12:23:22
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