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Title: Russian advanced Spectrum clones
Post by: Zozosoft on 2008.August.22. 10:12:13
In the ex-Soviet countries are very popular machines the different clones of the ZX Spectrum. And exist a many machine which are not only simple clone: more memory, integrated floppy controller, sometimes new graphics modes, turbo mode, etc...
I think the most popular advanced version are the Pentagon and Scorpion machines. And many new game writed for these machines, which are use a more HW resources than the original Spectrum games.

I think it is great idea convert some of these games to the Enterprise :-)

But hard to find programing informations about these machines :-(
Anyone expert in programing on these machines? Or can help to dig out informations from the "Cyrillic internet"?
Title: Re: Russian advanced Spectrum clones
Post by: Jimmy on 2008.August.22. 21:57:13
Try this link: http://www.worldofspectrum.org/rusfaq/
Really, there are a few differences, the most significant - it's an memory management. Meantime, both clones keeps backward compatibility with original ZX (AFAIK).
Title: Re: Russian advanced Spectrum clones
Post by: Zozosoft on 2008.August.23. 00:49:58
*port 7ffd. full compatibility with Zx spectrum 128. digits are:
D0-D2 - number of RAM page to put in C000-FFFF
D3    - switch of address for RAM of screen. 0 - 4000, 1 - c000
On original Spectrum 128 this is the screen selection: D3=0: RAM5, D3=1: RAM7 (and RAM7 can be accessed by the Z80 when it is paged to C000-FFFF).
On the russian clones any other RAM segment can be works as video memory, if it is paged to C000-FFFF?