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Author Topic: A new Enterpriser in town! (Read 1938 times)

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A new Enterpriser in town!
« on: 2013.December.02. 20:04:05 »
Hi to all!

I'll introduce myself: My name is Jose, I'm from Spain and generally speaking, I'm a big old computers collector.

I must reckon that I'm mostly a MSX user than any other computer; but I've been always fascinated by the Enterprise since I saw it in a spanish computer magazine in the late eighties. Of course it was a big flop in Spain, mainly invaded by Spectrum, Amstrad and MSX machines. I wasn't even able to see one in person :(

Some years ago and thanks to eBay, I purchased a EP128 in a very decent shape. The machine needed some membrane fixing; but hey, they're the weakest point of the machine, no hard feelings!

Now, I own two machines, the above EP128 (upgraded recently with EXOS 2.4) with a classic EXDOS controller (I've also upgraded it to a EXDOS 1.3) and recently I've been able to find an Arabic EP64 that needed some tricky repairs (video clock generation and not-so-easy-than-cut-a-piece membrane fixes) The EP64 has been also the selected machine to mount a Saint's 512KB internal RAM expansion \o/

So summarizing, happy to be here! :)

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Re: A new Enterpriser in town!
« Reply #1 on: 2013.December.02. 20:08:29 »
Welcome here!

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Re: A new Enterpriser in town!
« Reply #2 on: 2013.December.02. 23:12:30 »
Welcome!! :ds_icon_cheesygrin: