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*Category: Rockdigi music  (Read 4419 times)

#1 Boci-boci tarka V2.1 (18.09 kB), downloaded 476 times by szipucsu at 2010.June.10. 16:07:07
A Hungarian folk song remix
#2 Népmesék (28.24 kB), downloaded 479 times by szipucsu at 2010.June.10. 16:10:08
Remix of Hungarian TV programme for children title music
#3 Megy a gõzõs - Rockdigi Remix (33.52 kB), downloaded 462 times by szipucsu at 2010.July.01. 23:58:49
Remix of a Hungarian children-song
#4 Upwards (25.64 kB), downloaded 492 times by szipucsu at 2010.August.06. 11:07:21
My techno-like piece, very simple.
#5 Mozart: Turkish March remix (22.23 kB), downloaded 485 times by szipucsu at 2010.August.27. 18:50:55
Törökinduló remix
#6 Turkish March Rock remix (31.5 kB), downloaded 495 times by szipucsu at 2010.August.27. 19:52:26
Törökinduló, rockosabb remix
#7 Jöjj, ó, jöjj ide... remix (33.43 kB), downloaded 475 times by szipucsu at 2010.August.28. 19:26:49
A techno-like Hungarian folk-song remix.
"'Ide" has nothing to do with IDE controller: it means: "(to) here".
#8 Boci-boci tarka, techno remix (32.88 kB), downloaded 445 times by szipucsu at 2010.December.27. 18:57:52
Techno remix of a Hungarian children song.