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*Category: Enterprise software  (Read 20693 times)

#45 Dots and Gems (33.91 kB), downloaded 262 times by szipucsu at 2020.August.25. 21:37:03
Pacman-like game with a scrolling screen.
Collect all the gems and at least 200 dots to defeat the monsters. Take care of the gate that sometimes opens and closes when picking up a new gem.
Created using Zzzip Integer Compiler. It runs on both EP64 and EP128.
#46 ScoreTrack (13.92 kB), downloaded 277 times by geco at 2020.September.05. 15:01:41
Modified version of original ScoreTrack ROM, it works on Emulator, and with SF3 also, it dynamically detects drives, so you an work with 4 SD drive also.
Memory allocation of iriginal ROM has been fixed, now bigger SNG files can be loaded also
#47 EPtelera mod for CPCtelera (859.88 kB), downloaded 275 times by geco at 2020.September.05. 15:14:06
EPtelera mod for CPCtelera, it should be copied to original CPCtelera, and perform a build, and you can use it to write programs to EP in C.
The HW can be set to CPC or to EP in CPCteleraHW.SRC, if you change the HW, a new build should be performed, the best solution is to create separate folders for EP and CPC if you want programming on both machine.
#48 SF3 boot ROM (3.49 kB), downloaded 294 times by geco at 2020.September.05. 15:26:20
SF3 boot ROM, some new command has been added, list of commands and usage of commands can be listed by :SF3.