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*Category: PC Utils  (Read 21057 times)

#1 RDGconv 1.1 (by Egzo) (23.08 kB), downloaded 683 times by szipucsu at 2008.May.01. 13:18:15
Rdgconv converts Enterprise Rockdigi files into PC MOD formats.
#2 CPDread (8.6 kB), downloaded 669 times by szipucsu at 2008.May.01. 13:26:37
CPDRead creates image files by reading Enterprise floppy disk contents. EP32 can use these image files.
Enterprise floppylemezekrõl készíthetünk image fájlokat, melyeket az EP32 hasznosíthat.
#3 Agsys converter for DOS (by Egzo) (15.99 kB), downloaded 661 times by szipucsu at 2008.May.05. 20:54:50
It converts agsys CRF and SCR images to TGA format.
#4 Asmen depacker for DOS (by Egzo) (4.4 kB), downloaded 645 times by szipucsu at 2008.May.05. 20:56:23
It depacks compressed asmen source files for your delight and delecation.
#5 RDGconv 1.2 (by Egzo) (106.46 kB), downloaded 656 times by szipucsu at 2008.May.05. 21:01:19
It converts EP rockdigi 2 and 3 files to mod format. It has some (not serius) bugs.
#6 Egzo player (500.68 kB), downloaded 697 times by szipucsu at 2008.May.07. 00:26:36
It plays ogg, wav, xm, its and rdg Enterprise Rockdigi file formats!
#7 EPTE 2.1 (237.16 kB), downloaded 759 times by szipucsu at 2008.June.20. 15:32:38
Enterprise Tape Emulator
#8 EpDoc (164.01 kB), downloaded 656 times by szipucsu at 2008.June.20. 15:35:20
Enterprise HWP text files can be opened on PC by using this program.
#9 Virtual Floppy Drive 2.1 (124.71 kB), downloaded 774 times by szipucsu at 2008.August.13. 22:24:15
Virtual Floppy Drive 2.1 (Creating floppy images for the EP128Emu)
#10 EPemu-attus-final-2004 (1087.51 kB), downloaded 714 times by Attus at 2008.September.21. 23:26:46
Enterprise128 emulator by Attus for DOS in pure assembly language with source
#11 EPimgconv (1330.52 kB), downloaded 664 times by IstvanV at 2009.February.12. 23:50:17
Updated version of the PC to EP image converter that supports attribute mode, and allows interlace in all video modes. The package also includes Linux binaries, source code, and Zozosoft's IVIEW image viewer.
#12 EPvideoconv (4982.01 kB), downloaded 652 times by IstvanV at 2009.February.15. 17:41:35
This package contains video converter utilities to convert video files into Iplay Enterprise format videos.
The package includes the latest version (1.04) of the Iplay extension for playing animations on the Enterprise, MPlayer to create image sequences from video files, batch files for converting, the current version of EPimgconv, and epvideoconv to convert Iview format image sequences into Iplay video files.
#13 ENTERPRISE FONT (5.41 kB), downloaded 451 times by Tuby128 at 2011.January.17. 05:39:58
Eredeti ENTERPRISE 64/128 karakterkészlet PC-re.
Original ENTERPRISE 64/128 fonts for PC.
#14 PSEUDO IS_BASIC (24.12 kB), downloaded 581 times by Tuby128 at 2011.March.08. 05:37:42
PSEUDO IS_BASIC is a windows application.