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*Category: Enterprise software  (Read 9814 times)

#30 Treasure Cave 4K (4 kB), downloaded 35 times by geco at 2017.July.01. 18:12:56
Treasure Cave is a new Enterprise program, graphics was made by Endi, the program EXOS compatible. It contains 10 maps.
Control: Int/Ext(1/2) Joystick + space
#31 Exorcist (60.17 kB), downloaded 25 times by geco at 2017.November.06. 20:12:24
Enterprise conversion of Commodore +4 Exorcist game, it is EXOS compatible, ZIP file contains 2 loaders, EXORC128.COM can be loaded only on EP with at least 96KB of RAM, EXORCIST.COM can be loaded on all machines, it just makes some restrictions on EP64, 1 song is not loaded, cheat song is loaded only if there is enough free space on shared segment, and sprite display mode can not be changed.
Int/Ext1/2 joysticks
Fire: joy fire/Enter/space
Hold: pause game
Stop: return to main menu
M: music on/off
F1: 1st sprite display method (sprites are OR-ed)
F2: 2nd display method (original, and this is the default, sprites overwrites each other)
F5: turn on infinite energy
F6: turn off infinite energy
F7-F8: invulnerability