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*Category: Enterprise software  (Read 23708 times)

#45 Dots and Gems (33.91 kB), downloaded 332 times by szipucsu at 2020.August.25. 21:37:03
Pacman-like game with a scrolling screen.
Collect all the gems and at least 200 dots to defeat the monsters. Take care of the gate that sometimes opens and closes when picking up a new gem.
Created using Zzzip Integer Compiler. It runs on both EP64 and EP128.
#46 ScoreTrack (13.92 kB), downloaded 379 times by geco at 2020.September.05. 15:01:41
Modified version of original ScoreTrack ROM, it works on Emulator, and with SF3 also, it dynamically detects drives, so you an work with 4 SD drive also.
Memory allocation of iriginal ROM has been fixed, now bigger SNG files can be loaded also
#47 EPtelera mod for CPCtelera (859.88 kB), downloaded 37 times by geco at 2020.September.05. 15:14:06
EPtelera mod for CPCtelera, it should be copied to original CPCtelera, and perform a build, and you can use it to write programs to EP in C.
The HW can be set to CPC or to EP in CPCteleraHW.SRC, if you change the HW, a new build should be performed, the best solution is to create separate folders for EP and CPC if you want programming on both machine.
#48 SF3 boot ROM (3.49 kB), downloaded 389 times by geco at 2020.September.05. 15:26:20
SF3 boot ROM, some new command has been added, list of commands and usage of commands can be listed by :SF3.
#49 8bit WAV Player corrected version (187.01 kB), downloaded 93 times by geco at 2022.April.14. 14:09:29
8bit WAVPlayer is a utility which can play back WAV files with 8 bit samples, from 1,2 KHz to 32KHz speed, samples between 32-64KHz are played back on 32KHz, above 65535 Hz played back frequency mod(freq/65535).
Supported files: WAV (RIFF,NIST), AIFF, IFF files (signed /unsigned 8-32bit, stereo/mono (playback is always mono)), but the player plays only unpacked samples. At least an Enterprise with 128KB RAM is necessary for the program, the best if you have as much as possible :D , any size of WAV file can be loaded it loads till reaches end of memory.
ESC: select new WAV file, hold down ESC longer time, keyboard is checked at every memory paging which means 1 second for a 16KHz sample.
Left SHIFT+ESC: background will not change (machines without EXDOS)
Left SHIFT: hold it when during file selection (SPACE) if file menu to skip background changing (with EXDOS)
#50 Re: Enterprise software (159.9 kB), downloaded 72 times by szipucsu at 2022.August.04. 20:05:53
Dot Collector Turbo Edition 1-5; Level&palette editor; Chrset maker; Envelope maker
* Dot Collector Turbo Edition All.zip (159.9 kB - downloaded 72 times.)