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*Category: Enterprise software  (Read 23703 times)

#1 VIC-20 emulator (18.25 kB), downloaded 868 times by szipucsu at 2009.January.08. 13:24:34
First version of VIC-20 emulator for Enterprise. A modified version of a VIC-20 emulator For Sam Coupé. Written by Geco.
#2 Programnyelvek (2374.77 kB), downloaded 714 times by paracompact at 2009.December.28. 16:41:48
ISDOS alatt futtatható programnyelvek: AZTEC C, BASIC, DBASE, FORTRAN (F80), FORTH, LISP, MTPASCAL, TURBO PASCAL, MACRO (M80), GENMON, ASMON, Z80 + mintaprogramok
#3 ZX81 Emulator (34.79 kB), downloaded 828 times by geco at 2012.August.15. 09:06:27
The program emulates Sinclair ZX81 with 16kB of RAM, approximately 80% of softwares are running on the emulator.
The program is EXOS compatible, runs on EP64 too, and all function is available which is available on EP128.
F1 - Help for ZX81 keys
F2 - Directory, and Load (if EXDOS exists, if it is not available then LOAD "filename" can be used, file name can be max 10 characters)
F7 - Reset Emulator
#4 Panic Man (40.4 kB), downloaded 815 times by geco at 2013.December.08. 21:20:03
New Enterprise game, the game was inspired by forum topic 50 FPS -es játékok (50 fps games), the basics of the game came from C+4 game Gnasher.
The game is EXOS compatible, it runs on EP64 also.
Press F1-F8 for change some parameters of the game.
int/ext1/2 joy.
#5 SPemu (39.22 kB), downloaded 722 times by geco at 2014.March.02. 18:46:21
Spectrum 48Kb software emulator, it is EXOS compatible, required at least 112 Kb of RAM. 50-60% of Speccy 48Kb programs run on the emulator. FYI: there are many Spectrum programs which writes to ROM area on real spectrum, so it can happen that a game is running on the spectrum emulator but overwrites an area which can cause problem later, so if a program is not starts after another program, then please reset the emulator, and try it again. The emulator accept SNA and TAP files, and real Speccy tapes can be loaded also.
The package contains 2 files:
SPEMU.COM - normal EP executable file
SPemu.tap - TAP file, which can attached to EP128emu and load it to a tape config, or it can be played with TAPIR or EPTE, and load it to a real EP without EXDOS.
Usage of the emulator:

From Speccy screen
F1 - Enter to menu
F8 - Reset SPemu
Reset - Reset computer

In menu screen
F1 - Load mode: OFF=load real spectrum tapes, ON=load files by EXOS
F2 - Attribute conversion settings:
      1/3 = 1/3 of the screen is converted at every interrupt
      1/1 = full screen is converted at every interrupt
      OFF = attribute conversion is disabled
      DEF = set user defined paper and pen
F3 - User defined pen colour, it is used only when F2 set to DEF
F4 - User defined paper colour, it is used only when F2 set to DEF
F5 - Silent Mode: ON = sound off       OFF = Sound on
F6 - Load SNA file
F7 - Select TAP file, if the file is selected, then it returns to Speccy screen, where LOAD "" should be entered
F8 - Emulator speed setting:
      SLOW = send 00h to 0BFh port
      NORM = send 04h to 0BFh port
      FAST = send 08h to 0BFh port
Int Joy R/L - sets attribute conversion to 0FEh Port I/O emulation (ex read keyboard on Speccy), it happens every n th emulated port I/O
P - Enter pokes
L - Load a previously saved snapshot from the memory (it is available on EP with at least 160 Kb of RAM), if you try to load a snapshot from RAM prior to saved one, nothing happens
S - Save a snapshot to memory (it is available on EP with at least 160 Kb of RAM)
Esc - Exit from menu
#6 SPemu ROM version (19.64 kB), downloaded 739 times by geco at 2014.March.07. 16:01:03
This program is ROM version of SPemu, it can be installed of any ROM slot, there is only one restriction, the 2nd 16K block should follow the 1st one, and on EXOS 2.1 the 1st 16K block of the ROM should be placed to a x0h slot (10h,20h,30h, ...), on later EXOS (like EXOS 2.3) versions it can be placed anywhere.
Differences from the non ROM version:
Start the mulation: :SPEMU
quit from emulation:
        F3 in spectrum screen - go to Basic
        F4 in spectrum screen - go to Wp

The advantage of ROM version is that, the Spectrum ROM stays in ROM, so the programs which writes to ROM area will not overwrite anything :D
#7 VIC20emu (37.72 kB), downloaded 673 times by geco at 2014.March.30. 18:05:14
Commodore VIC-20 +3Kb/+8Kb software emulator, it is EXOS compatible, required at least 96 Kb RAM. About 60-70% of VIC-20 without expansion/+3Kb/+8Kb programs run on the emulator.
The emulator accept only PRG files, do not support loading/saving snapshot files, multi colour mode, 16Kb/24Kb memory expansion
The package contains 3 files:
VIC20.COM - normal EP executable file
VIC20.PRG - VIC20 emulator prg file
VIC20.tap - TAP file, which can attached to EP128emu and load it to a tape config, or it can be played with TAPIR or EPTE, and load it to a real EP without EXDOS.
Usage of the emulator:

From VIC-20 screen
F5 - Load PRG file
F7 - Reset emulator and starts with +3Kb
F8 - Reset emulator and starts with +8Kb
Reset - Reset computer

Load menu: (only if EXDOS exists)
int joy  - move cursor
D         - Directory
Esc/Stop - Exit from file selection

The speed is various the average is about 13% of VIC speed
1 FOR I=1 TO 255
VIC-21           0:07
EP      6MHz    0:46
SAM    6MHz   1:09
EP      4MHz    1:12
Speccy          1:43
Some games compare with VIC-20 speed (EP 4MHz)
Road Toad    75%
Motor Mouse  75%
Racefun        50%
Gun Fight      30%
#8 SPEmu (File/ROM) (39.1 kB), downloaded 715 times by geco at 2014.May.20. 11:23:05
Small modification happened, control of Tau Ceti inside game is working.
#9 SPEmu (File version only) (39.29 kB), downloaded 688 times by geco at 2014.June.10. 18:58:12
Small modification happened, at every emu reset (F8) the program copies back the Speccy ROM from a backup RAM segment to active segment, in this case if a program has written to Speccy ROM, and the emulator was not hanged, it will not hang after reset.
#10 SIDBasic (343.28 kB), downloaded 720 times by geco at 2014.December.16. 22:40:03
SIDBasic is a music player for the Enterprise with basic SID emulation (4 waves, envelopes based on 50Hz step rate, ring mod), the program is EXOS compatible, and needs at least 128Kb RAM, recommended quantity is 460Kb, the memory limits of playback time. (with 460Kb RAM and above about 11 min the playback duration, with 128Kb RAM 1 min 49 sec the playback duration), it also recognises the turbo machines, and sets the playback speed based on the speed of Z80 (noise is not set for turbo machines), 15KHz playback sounds better on turbo machines.
The package contains the method how S64 files can be created from SID files in file CreS64.TXT in folder CRES64
#12 SIDBasic Int (6.02 kB), downloaded 663 times by geco at 2014.December.22. 17:08:24
SIDBasic Int is a bit advanced version of SIDBasic, it play the samples from interrupt, and the size of samples have been doubled (512byte), the noise is played from sample also, becuase Dave 0-1 registers are used for interrupts, in previous version noise played by Dave with polynomial counters. Playback on 4-8 MHz machines is 8 KHz, above 8MHz is 15KHz. The program works fine on emulator also if you change the CPU frequency, but do not change frequency of Dave.
#13 8bit WAVPlayer (186.96 kB), downloaded 669 times by geco at 2015.February.16. 19:18:59
8bit WAVPlayer is a utility which can play back WAV files with 8 bit samples, from 1,2 KHz to 32KHz speed, samples between 32-64KHz are played back on 32KHz, above 65535 Hz played back frequency mod(freq/65535).
Supported files: WAV (RIFF,NIST), AIFF, IFF files (signed /unsigned 8-32bit, stereo/mono (playback is always mono)), but the player plays only unpacked samples. At least an Enterprise with 128KB RAM is necessary for the program, the best if you have as much as possible :D , any size of WAV file can be loaded it loads till reaches end of memory.
ESC: select new WAV file, hold down ESC longer time, keyboard is checked at every memory paging which means 1 second for a 16KHz sample.
Left SHIFT+ESC: background will not change (machines without EXDOS)
Left SHIFT: hold it when during file selection (SPACE) if file menu to skip background changing (with EXDOS)
#14 SPEmu (File/ROM) (40.42 kB), downloaded 578 times by geco at 2015.May.15. 11:30:31
Small modification happened, the program handles Directories.
Directories for SNA files should have .SNA extension
Directories for TAP files should have .TAP extension