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#75 Dan Dare 2 (32.21 kB), downloaded 225 times by geco at 2021.December.23. 21:32:19
Conversion by BAMsoft was not EXOS compatible, and most of the bright attributes were not used, now it has been corrected, now the game contains bad attribute colors when shot goes through black background.
The game runs on EP64 also.
Some additional functions have been defined into function keys:
F1: infinite time
F2: turn off infinite time (it i needed at the end of each level)
F3: infinite lives
F4: infinite energy
F7: change to mine "spectrum palette" :D
F8: change to BAMSOFT's "spectrum palette" (default)
#76 Fred (62.66 kB), downloaded 219 times by geco at 2022.February.05. 12:16:41
Conversion of Fred from ZX Spectrum. The game is EXOS compatible and needs at least 112KB memory, it saves high score.
It supports turbo EP's, game speed is maximized.

Default is keyboard: Q A O P Space
Joystick is set to Internal joy, but by Redefine Keys selection EXT1/2 can be set also.

Special Functions:
F1: maximum speed is 12,5 fps
F2: maximum speed is 9,3 fps (default setting, some mode is slower on 4MHz)
F3: maximum speed is 6,25 fps
F4: infinite energy
F5: -------
F6: Max bullets 30 (if it is activated in the menu, then the game starts with 30 bullet, if in the game it starts with 6, but the max is 30)
F7: SFX on/off
F8: Music on/off
#77 Wizard of Wor (51.78 kB), downloaded 101 times by geco at 2022.April.15. 09:06:26
Conversion of Arcade game Wizard of Wor. The game is EXOS compatible and needs at least 128KB memory, it supports turbo EP's, and Speakeasy.

Yellow Player: int joy,alt / ext2 joy
Blue Player: WASD,control / ext1 joy

Esc: Digi on/off (if no speakeasy was chosen)
1: Coin 1
2: Coin 2
3: Coin 3
4: Service Switch
5: Tilt
6: 1 Player start
7: 2 Players start

Dip Switches:
F1: set up coin A input: 1 or 2 coin / credit
F2-F3: set up coin B input:
          0,0 = 1 coin,  5 Credit
          0,1 = 1 coin,  3 Credit
          1,0 = 2 coins,  1 Credit
          1,1 = 1 coin,  1 Credit
F5: life setting: 3/7 lives or 2/5 lives
F6: bonus life setting: after every 4th level / 3rd level
F7: free game on/off
F8: demo sounds on/off
#78 Donkey Kong Junior (digi sounds) (18.29 kB), downloaded 97 times by geco at 2022.June.18. 19:04:02
Conversion of Videoton TV Computer version of Donkey Kong Junior by Károly Kiss, The game is EXOS compatible, runs on EP64.

Controls: QAOP,Space, any joystick
F2 EP_speed (timing by interrupts)
F3 TVC_speed (timing by instructions)

Following works during game play only:
F4 gray shades
F5 normal palette
F6 night palette
F7 fast game
F8 not so fast game :D
S sounds on/off
#79 Re: Egyéb / Misc (3.83 kB), downloaded 26 times by AoC at 2022.September.17. 15:16:27
35 éves Magyarországon az Enterprise 128 (a Function 2022 partin bemutatott intro)