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*Category: Egyéb / Misc  (Read 25838 times)

#60 SIDBasicTVC (453.33 kB), downloaded 32 times by geco at 2020.March.20. 17:31:28
SIDBasic Videoton TV Computer version
#61 Fuss! (13.18 kB), downloaded 56 times by geco at 2020.April.04. 10:32:49
Conversion of Videoton TV Computer version of Fuss! by Zsolt Bertók, The game is EXOS compatible, runs on EP64 also with right speed, but there are timing issues.

Fire:   Space, External joysticks

Stop,B:   Back to main screen
Hold:      Pause
M:          Music on/off
1:          1 channel music
2:          2 channels music
Any joytick:
Up:        increase volume
Down:   decrease volume
#62 Short Circuit (39.35 kB), downloaded 26 times by geco at 2020.April.04. 10:34:02
Conversion of Amstrad CPC version of Short Circuit by John Brandwood. The game is EXOS compatible, needs at least 112KB RAM.
- Status field got 2 extra colours, and it's palette can be changed during the game
- level 1 is faster
- level 2 has parallax scroll, top of the screen is scrolling too

Fire: Enter, External joysticks
Up: Q, Internal/External joysticks
Down: A, Internal/External joysticks
Left: O, Internal/External joysticks
Right: P, Internal/External joysticks

Space: Select mode of Robot
Hold: Pause/Quit game
F8: Scrolling speed of status messages
F1+F2: God mode
F5: Game speed at level 1
F6: Music on/off
F7: Change palette of Status area
#63 TVCEmu 1.2 (37.01 kB), downloaded 7 times by geco at 2020.April.04. 10:57:41
Videoton TV Computer emulator V1.2 (Software).
Hardware req:
128 kb RAM

Programs can be load from cassette, and disk also, if DISK interface attached, then directory of the disk can be listed with VERIFY Basic command.
Basic programs and several machine code programs are running on the emulator.

TVC Soft reset: Stop+Hold
TVC Hard reset: Stop+Hold more times

Reset button will perform soft reset on Enterprise

Known bugs:
the sequence of upper 8 colours are different in the emulator than in TVC, because of limits of Enterprise BIAS.