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#45 ep128emu_roms-2.0.10 (472.45 kB), downloaded 615 times by IstvanV at 2016.November.08. 20:58:17
ROM package for ep128emu 2.0.10:
* ep128emu_roms-2.0.10.bin (472.45 kB - downloaded 615 times.)    (current version for beta_20161102 and newer)
* ep128emu_roms- (436.44 kB - downloaded 530 times.)    (7-Zip format package for manual installation)
* ep128emu_roms-2.0.10-64K.bin (485.34 kB - downloaded 384 times.)    (compatible with UNCOMPRESS and older beta releases)
The .bin format files can be unpacked with the epcompress utility included with the emulator, using the command "epcompress -x -a ep128emu_roms-2.0.10.bin".
#46 Wolf2004 (583.28 kB), downloaded 572 times by geco at 2016.December.14. 22:18:28
Conversion of ZX Spectrum game Wolf2004, the program is EXOS compatible, plays Digi and Dave sounds on the same frequency on turbo machine also, there is no music on EP with 128KB RAM inside game, but there is on expanded machines.
F1 can be used to skip intro on Tape configs.
Return from parts which plays digi music is possible by pressing space only, otherwise ESC can be used also

ingame controls:
move: Int/Ext1/2/mouse
S: save state (0-9 select slot, enter finish)
L: load state (0-9 select slot, enter finish)
H: moving head on/off
V: screen size small/big
M: Music on/off
R: set ray precision
F: show fps
C: show elapsed time
F2: spectrum screen
F3: 4 colour screen
F4: mouse mode: fire: left button, turn
F5: mouse mode: move forward: left button, move backward: middle button, fire: right button, turn
F6: mouse mode: fire: left button, turn and move
F7: cheat on
F8: cheat off
#47 ep128emu_roms-2.0.11 (542.88 kB), downloaded 580 times by IstvanV at 2016.December.22. 20:45:32
ROM package for ep128emu 2.0.11 beta, includes ROM files needed for TVC emulation (VT-DOS is now patched to support HD and ED disk images):
* ep128emu_roms-2.0.11.bin (542.88 kB - downloaded 580 times.)
* ep128emu_roms- (499.31 kB - downloaded 495 times.)
* ep128emu_roms-2.0.11-64K.bin (551.21 kB - downloaded 374 times.)
#48 Hobbit (589.35 kB), downloaded 536 times by geco at 2017.January.13. 14:39:17
Conversion of ZX Spectrum game Hobbit, the program is EXOS compatible, needs at least 128 KB RAM. Music added, it uses 2 character screens and an attribute screen where new pictures are displayed, unfortunately the pictures remained quite big after compression also, this is the reason why only 4-5 could be loaded into the memory in an EP128, if 640KB RAM available then all pictures are loaded into the RAM. I am not satisfied with the pictures, I expected better result.

Shift:          "
Tab:            Repeat last command
Erase/Del: Erase one character
Stop:           Erase all
Internal joystick:
up:              North
down:         South
left:             West
right:           East
Function Keys:
F1:                Music on
F2:               Music off
F3:               Speaker on
F4:               Speaker off
F5:               Display graphics
F6:               Do not display Graphics
#49 SID player V1.3 (11.47 kB), downloaded 501 times by geco at 2017.January.13. 17:28:49
SID player for Enterprise 128 V1.3, modified version, SID's can be played back by Dave with or without Ring modulation or by SID, if you have SID card, Envelope emulation has been fully changed (volume values cab vary between 0-31)

Added controls:
F1: Dave without ring mod
F2: Dave with ring mod
F3: SID card
F7: performance displayed by border off
F8: performance displayed by border on
#50 Game About Squares (9.58 kB), downloaded 390 times by Povi at 2017.January.15. 20:41:26
Puzzle game
Conversion of the ZX Spectrum version (walktrough on youtube)
Original game is here: http://gameaboutsquares.com/

Music is removed, because the soundtrack sounds very bad on the AY emulation. (so currently no music in the Enterprise version, sorry :smt102

Added extra: you can unlock all levels without any code
'L' - select level, use internal joy, and select with ENTER (or cancel with ESC)
'C' - just type the 8 digit hexa code (shown if any level is completed), or cancel with ESC
'Q' - quit game
'M' - toggle music - currently does not do anything :-)
'U' - undo
'R' - restart level
'I' - info screen
move tiles with '1', '2', '3' or '4'
#51 M64 Files Part1 (6954.96 kB), downloaded 767 times by geco at 2017.February.18. 23:48:38
Some M64 files for SIDBasic
#52 M64 Files Part2 (8081.59 kB), downloaded 788 times by geco at 2017.February.18. 23:49:43
Some M64 files for SIDBasic
#53 M64 Files Part3 (9544.35 kB), downloaded 765 times by geco at 2017.February.18. 23:50:55
Some M64 files for SIDBasic
#54 Files for SID.COM part1 (9440.49 kB), downloaded 479 times by geco at 2017.February.19. 16:33:22
Files for SID.COM part1
#55 Files for SID.COM part2 (8062.76 kB), downloaded 461 times by geco at 2017.February.19. 16:35:07
Files for SID.COM part2
#56 Brennan Niel (m64 and sm0) (365.88 kB), downloaded 488 times by geco at 2017.February.19. 17:27:24
Brennan Niel (m64 and sm0)
#57 SIDBasicSP (668.02 kB), downloaded 399 times by geco at 2017.April.04. 15:32:00
Latest release of SIDBASICSP, software SID music player, it plays converted SID music on a pure ZX Spectrum 128KB and on it's variants without any hardware addon.
Limitations: maximum M64 file length is 24320 bytes but only about 1,5 minutes can be played back, SYNC, High Pass, Low Pass filters are not implemented, digi effects can not be played back.
Combined waveforms are not working correctly: in this case the conversion is done with priority noise > sawtooth > triangle > square wave.

Tape Encoder tool, which creates TAP/TZX files from Enterprise M64 files
Usage of tool
#58 Mag the Magician (19.3 kB), downloaded 381 times by geco at 2019.September.02. 17:14:54
This game contains 2 conversions 1 from Speccy with MSX graphics, and Zx UNO conversion, it is EXOS compatible, and runs on EP64 too.

Int Joy/Ext Joy
F1: decrease volume
F2: increase volume
F8: cheat, sets 6 lives.
#59 Cross Fire (10.06 kB), downloaded 309 times by geco at 2020.March.08. 12:25:58
Conversion of Videoton TV Computer game Cross Fire by Zoltán Kollár, the game is EXOS compatible and runs on EP64 too, sometimes it slows down.

Fire: S,D,F,E
Move: internal joystick, J,K,L,I
Mode2 Ext1 Joy:
Fire: Fire+direction
Move: direction

F1: music on/off
F8: set lives to 19