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*Category: Egyéb / Misc  (Read 37616 times)

#15 Unicum (3333.06 kB), downloaded 1121 times by Zozosoft at 2007.January.04. 22:14:44
Az Unicum 128 kbps MP3 formában
#16 Musics converted from MOD to MBM format (3457.35 kB), downloaded 977 times by geco at 2007.March.26. 20:43:52
The ZIP contains the MOD files, the MBM files which can be played by DTM player on Enterprise, and the Sample files.
#17 CPCemu 1.1 (32.7 kB), downloaded 734 times by geco at 2007.July.14. 09:25:05
Amstrad CPC 664 software emulator (CAT command implemented)
#18 SP 1.1 (13.06 kB), downloaded 625 times by SlashNet at 2008.September.07. 20:52:01
Software Spectrum 48k emulator
#19 TVCemu V1.0 (62.95 kB), downloaded 677 times by geco at 2008.November.14. 11:42:06
Videoton TV Computer emulator (Software).
Hardvare req:
112 kb RAM

Programs can be load from cassette, and disk also, if DISK interface attached, then directory of the disk can be listed with VERIFY Basic command.
Basic programs are running on this emulator, and those machine code programs, which do not use PORT I/O, or direct disk access, or TVC extensions

Known bugs:
the sequence of upper 8 colours are different in the emulator than in TVC, because of limits of Enterprise BIAS.
TVC soft reset is not implemented
Enterprise hard reset is not working
#20 SP 2.1 (16.38 kB), downloaded 465 times by Alex0174 at 2009.January.24. 17:22:04
SP 2.1
HW Spectrum Emulator
True Colors, native ZX Spectrum cassetes loading/saving, Spectrum snaphots loading/saving in Enterprise format
#21 Ramdisk 0.1 (1.8 kB), downloaded 437 times by Alex0174 at 2009.January.25. 00:27:37
Ramdisk. After loading invokes system restart, spreading the 128 kB system onto 64 kB for a ramdisk/ and 64 for the system. The device name is "ram"...
#22 CPCemu V1.2 (75.25 kB), downloaded 723 times by geco at 2009.February.22. 21:21:35
CPCemu V1.2
AY emulation improved, noise emulation much beter, envelope emulation has been added. Limitation: if noise+sound is enable on a chanel, then only noise will appear on that channel on Enterprise, I made a routin also for playing sound+(30kHz) noise on a channel same time if it was requested, and play definition dependent noise if only noise requested on a channel, but I got worse effect, because a lot of programs set enable noise bit, and sound bit of a channel in the same time,even if it plays noise only. :(
#23 Wriggler Misc (6744.42 kB), downloaded 526 times by varrogy at 2009.September.14. 23:04:46
Wriggler versenytárs kukac követése!
#24 Wizard of Wor (48.65 kB), downloaded 654 times by geco at 2009.September.18. 16:29:12
EP conversion of spectrum version of Wizard of Wor.
Exos compatible, and it is running on EP64 too.
#25 WEC Le Mans (39.52 kB), downloaded 621 times by geco at 2009.October.31. 23:53:54
EP conversion of Spectrum 128k version of WEC Le Mans.
The program is EXOS compatible, and needs at least 112 kb of memory.
#26 Binary Love (148.49 kB), downloaded 579 times by geco at 2010.July.03. 22:32:10
Ep conversion of Pentagon Demo Binary love. Just watch it :D
#27 Sgt. Helmet Zero (25.57 kB), downloaded 686 times by geco at 2011.February.19. 17:20:01
Enterprise conversion of Spectrum 128 game Sgt. Helmet Zero, ULA64 version of the game was converted, requires 128k RAM, EXOS compatible, cheat added, loading screen has been recoloured, the game got some raser lines :)
Controls: INT / EXT2 Joy
#28 Boulder Dash (580.88 kB), downloaded 623 times by IstvanV at 2011.March.10. 20:58:52
Boulder Dash 1/2/3, and Boulder Dash 1/2 Classic Collection converted from CPC, C64, and Spectrum. This version fixes some problems in the "bd2cc" levels (missing start/exit in bd2cc_a2.lvl, and no scrolling in some bonus maps), and includes all source files used for the conversion.