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*Category: CPC játékok EP konverziói / Games converted from CPC  (Read 38738 times)

#60 The Sword of Ianna (1142.8 kB), downloaded 101 times by geco at 2022.September.08. 17:17:58
Enterprise conversion of great Amstrad CPC game The Sword of Ianna. The game is EXOS compatible and needs 576KB RAM, ROM version needs 96KB of RAM
QAOP Space,right shift, EXT1/Ext2 joy
H/Hold: Pause menu
Esc: exit from game (in Pause menu)

IANNA.COM + IANNA.PRG - file version
IANNA.EP128S - Ep128emu version of ROM version
IANNA.ROM - 512 KB ROM file
IANNAxx.ROM - 512KB ROM file sliced into 64 KB chunks