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*Category: CPC játékok EP konverziói / Games converted from CPC  (Read 25835 times)

#45 Alien 8 (31.45 kB), downloaded 64 times by geco at 2017.May.01. 16:09:37
Conversion of CPC version of Alien 8. The program is EXOS compatible, it runs on EP64 also, but very slow and soft reset does not work. It recognize Turbo machine, and set sound playback based on CPU frequency (sound is accurate at every 2MHz).
The program is about 1,5x-1,7x faster than on CPC, and uses 4 colours on game field instead of 3. 3 game palette can be chosen: B/W, Lacika's palette, and minde :) Game speed can be adjusted (however there are some speed slow down in the game) to avoid extremely fast movement if drawing finished within 1 frame, the default is waiting 3 frames if drawing finished earlier.
Game controls:
Int/Ext joystick/ q a o p space (down is pick up if no directional control selected, enter if directional control selected.
F1: B/W palette
F2: mine palette
F3: Lacika's palette
F4: set delay to 1 video frame
F5: set delay to 2 video frame
F6: set delay to 3 video frame (default)
F7: set delay to 4 video frame
F8: set delay to 5 video frame

Cheat: press any function key during loading (it checks before loading screen)