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*Category: CPC játékok EP konverziói / Games converted from CPC  (Read 36988 times)

#30 Traffic (120.09 kB), downloaded 743 times by geco at 2013.January.03. 19:17:37
Enterprise conversion of the CPC program Traffic (English/French). OS664.ROM was used for the conversion from CPCemu V1.3.
The program is exos compatible and needs 128Kb, controls are the same as in the CPC version
#31 Cross Road X (49.57 kB), downloaded 653 times by geco at 2013.March.01. 10:45:47
Upgraded version of Cross Road, it runs on EP64 also, but there are less cars and backgrounds and songs than EP128 version have. There are 12 cars, 6 background, and 5 songs when your EP have at least 112 KB RAM.
Function keys: choose song
1-3: change game speed
#32 Crazy Cars II (47.8 kB), downloaded 650 times by geco at 2013.April.13. 08:34:01
Cheat mode corrected.

Enterprise conversion of the CPC+ program Crazy Cars 2. The program runs on EP64 also, but in this case the map function can not be used.
Hold: pause
Esc:  end game
M:     map
Q,A,O,P,Space/int/ext1/ext2 Joy
#33 Heartland (859.85 kB), downloaded 609 times by geco at 2013.May.22. 10:01:22
Enterprise conversion of the CPC program Heartland.
#35 Star Sabre (74.11 kB), downloaded 674 times by geco at 2013.July.03. 23:32:03
Enterprise 128 conversion of Amstrad CPC game Star Sabre. The game is exos compatible, but soft reset does not work on 128Kb machine, because all 128Kb is used. There are 3 bugs, 1st is at the top of the screen sometimes the 1st half of 2nd row is deleted, because write method of score line has been changed, it is in fix position, does not move with other part of the screen like on CPC, therefore delete routine deletes this part of the screen sometimes, the score is refreshed if one enemy killed, left lines refreshed at every frame change, this modification has been made, because the game uses sound envelopes, and it is emulated in 1KHz interrupt so some CPU time had to be saved.
2nd: ALERT! text is written to the screen pixel by pixel, on CPC palette of color 0 is changed in every row several times
3rd: effect on stage 5 is the same like in 2nd.
Controls are:
Int Joy, Enter
Ext 1/2 Joy
#36 Gun Fright (28.89 kB), downloaded 728 times by geco at 2013.July.23. 10:22:16
Enterprise 128 conversion of Amstrad CPC game Gun Fright. The game is EXOS compatible, and runs on EP64 also, however soft reset does not work on EP64, because system segment is used for Video Memory, and littlebit slower than on CPC, the game is littlebit faster on EP128 than on CPC, because the game has been modified, and uses 2 screen for graphics, on CPC there 1 active screen, and a background where the game screen were written, and later it is copied to the active screen.
There is a small bug, which was came by the modification of using 2 active screens for Graphics, on the left side of the screen at the 3. character column sometimes sprite pixels appear, I copy only 4 character from the border, 6, or 7 should be, but I left in this way, I did not want to decrease the speed.
QAOP space

Keys in game:
ESC - Pause
F8 - change palette of game

Palette mode Keys:
F7 - Exit from palette mode
F1-F4 - change color0-color3
INT JOY - move on the palette
ENTER - reset colors to original
#37 The Way of Exploding Fist (69.82 kB), downloaded 643 times by geco at 2014.June.09. 17:04:15
Conversion of The Way of Exploding Fist CPC game, EXOS compatible, runs on EP64 too, but littlebit slower, and it has only one background on EP64, on expanded machine it has 5 backgrounds.

Int/Ext 1/2 joy, qweadzxc + left shift
F1 - number of players
F2 - select controls
F3 - start game
F4 - back to demo mode
F7 - music on
F8 - music off
#38 North&South (130.82 kB), downloaded 705 times by geco at 2014.July.22. 14:27:08
Conversion of North&South CPC game, EXOS compatible, the game loads into the memory if your EP has at least 256Kb of RAM, in this case the parts are unpacked from the memory. The CPC version did not have end screen for loss, this added also, and all end screens are converted from Amiga, the end text is using characters from Amiga also, this part of the screen is colour 4 mode, the bottom part is Attribute mode.
#39 La Abadia Del Crimen (143.86 kB), downloaded 640 times by geco at 2014.November.26. 20:09:01
Conversion of La Abadia Del Crimen CPC game, EXOS compatible, needs 128Kb RAM, when reset button is pressed, the game saves the 9 game states from memory to file ABADIA.SAV

Int/Ext 1/2 joy, qwio + enter/space , advanced users are able to use F3-F8 :D
P: pause
Left shift+0-8:load saved game from memory
Left shit +9: demo mode
ctrl+0-9: save game into memory
F1: infinite time (red border)
F2: infinite time off (green border)
Esc: change palette between B/W - Colour game display
#40 Ikari Warriors (29.99 kB), downloaded 628 times by geco at 2015.January.11. 14:15:25
Conversion of  CPC game Ikari Warriors, EXOS compatible, it runs on EP64 too, but in slow motion mode :D, and ther is no soft reset. If the program is loaded from tape, and IKARI.HI file is not available then press STOP at the end of loading to start the game. The game saves the Hi Score table after soft reset only on case cheats were not selected

redefinable keyboard (including Int Joy) , EXT1/2 joy
Hold: pause
Stop: exit from game
#41 Chase HQ (147.01 kB), downloaded 474 times by geco at 2016.May.07. 21:30:24
Conversion of  CPC game Chase HQ, EXOS compatible, it needs at least EP128, recognize Turbo machine. CPC video addressing has been removed, most of drawing routines became faster, loader screen has been changed, and you can hear Speccy music under a 2nd converted screen.

F1-F5: set delay in the game( 1-5 frame)
F8: switch off delay
redefinable keyboard (including Int Joy) , EXT1/2 joy
Esc: Exit from game
#42 Pacman (27.23 kB), downloaded 478 times by geco at 2016.May.14. 20:06:50
Conversion of CPC version of Pacman. The program is EXOS compatible, needs at least a 128Kb machine, it recognize Turbo machine, and set sound frequency based on CPU frequency.
Original version made by Simon Owen to SAM Coupé, SyX converted to CPC I used the CPC version, thanks both of them for this great work.

Game controls:
Int/Ext joystick
Insert coin:Alt, fire, 3 ,4
1: start 1 player game
2: start 2 player game
Enter,Tab: enter to menu

Menu Controls:
Esc: exit without saving modifications
Tab: exit with saving modifications
SHIFT+left/right: align screen position
#43 Switchblade (57.08 kB), downloaded 471 times by geco at 2016.July.13. 20:44:06
Conversion of  CPC game Switchblade, EXOS compatible, it needs at least EP128. Some extra colour added.

F1-F7: change palette
F8: infinite lives
EXT1/2 joy, Int Joy+space
Pause: Pause game
#44 ChessMaster 2000 (43.44 kB), downloaded 425 times by geco at 2016.October.02. 14:04:06
Conversion of CPC version of ChessMaster 2000. The program is EXOS compatible, it runs on EP64 also, but LOAD/SAVE game state and soft reset is not available, it recognize Turbo machine, and set 0bfh port value based on CPU frequency. Some error of original version have been corrected, music has been added, and graphics of PC version can be selected, colour schemes have been changed, and selection increased

Game controls:
Int/Ext joystick/mouse