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*Category: CPC játékok EP konverziói / Games converted from CPC  (Read 37712 times)

#1 Prince of Persia (87.02 kB), downloaded 1452 times by geco at 2006.July.14. 16:56:48
Converted game from CPC Converted game from Amstrad CPC. At least 96kb required.
#2 Alien Attack (21.28 kB), downloaded 1198 times by geco at 2006.October.04. 23:26:43
Converted game from CPC
#3 Krakout (35.56 kB), downloaded 201 times by geco at 2006.December.12. 22:19:22
Converted game from CPC
#4 Exolon (85.31 kB), downloaded 1108 times by geco at 2006.July.06. 18:18:39
Exolon converted from CPC ESC - Pause in the game File loading sequence: START.xx EXOLON.LDR FADEIN.BIN EXOLON.SCR EXOLON.1 EXOLON.2 EXOLON.3
#5 Impossible mission II with random starting map, problem of Soft reset fixed (97.13 kB), downloaded 1380 times by geco at 2007.January.03. 14:58:54
Converted game from CPC + some extra
#6 Exolon V2 (92.33 kB), downloaded 1183 times by geco at 2007.March.26. 20:08:48
Exolon converted from CPC
 EXOS compatible version, at least 112 KBRAM required.
 ESC - Pause in the game
#7 Donkey kong (33.65 kB), downloaded 911 times by geco at 2007.July.16. 21:30:08
CPC conversion of Donkey Kong. controls: EXT2 joy, or QAOP SPACE. Kong is flashing at the beginning, I could not solve this problem.(RAM requirements: 96 Kb)
#8 Commando (72.65 kB), downloaded 890 times by geco at 2007.August.12. 14:46:05
CPC conversion of Commando. default control: Internal Joystick. The sound little bit worse than on CPC version, there are 2 versions of the game available, because the 15th color on EP is white, I should move blue to 12th color,  thus the enemy soldiers become white if they meet with other objects, in the 2nd version the enemy soldiers are white.:) Main Menu was redesigned.(RAM requirements: 96 Kb)
#9 H.E.R.O (32.99 kB), downloaded 741 times by geco at 2009.June.13. 19:37:43
This game was written to CPC in 2005, I decided converting it when I tested CPC games in software CPCemu on EP. Loading screen has been created to the game, unfortunately the loading screen is destroyed on EP64 when the main program loads, because there is not enough memory, but the program succesfully loads (HERO can be loaded directly, you do not need to load HERO.COM), there is a cheat option also ("Cheat Y/N" text), EP64 owners do not worry if you do not see the text (you se nothing. :D ) when the program has been loaded, simply press one key, if you press Y, then you get infinite lives, and dynamites. There is a small surprise also, a DTM music had been inserted to the beginning of the GAME, I did not have enough space to do it, therefore the secondary screen had been removed from the game, this is the reason why room changes are not so smooth on EP than on CPC.
#10 Sorcery+ (63.81 kB), downloaded 690 times by geco at 2009.December.21. 10:12:18
Enterprise conversion of CPC game Sorcery+, with extras. Cheat implemented, new loading screen, bottom of the screen got more colours during the game.
This game EXOS compatible and requires 128K of RAM, the program loads all data into the memory it will not load anything, it saves only the HI-Score during the game.
#11 Head Over Heels (43.03 kB), downloaded 690 times by geco at 2009.December.21. 11:34:40
CPC conversion of Head Over Heels with cheats. (RAM requirements: 96 Kb)
Loading from tape has been fixed
#12 WEC Le Mans (83.57 kB), downloaded 691 times by geco at 2009.December.21. 11:53:56
Enterprise version of CPC Wec Le Mans, with extras.
The program works on EP which has only 64kb memory too, but slower, extra colours could not be seen, and soft reset does not work
The program contains extra colurs, and EXOS compatible on EP which has 64KB+ memory
Loading from tape has been fixed
#13 Commando V2 (72.2 kB), downloaded 682 times by geco at 2009.December.21. 14:39:37
Bugs has been fixed, sound emulation improved (noise, and envelopes are implemented)
Loading from tape has been fixed.
#14 Impossible Mission (39.39 kB), downloaded 641 times by geco at 2010.May.30. 20:03:53
Converted game from CPC with the following extras: cheats, new loading screen, the rooms got colours from c64 version, soft reset (except on EP64)
The game runs on EP64 too, but it is very slow, because whole program runs in Video RAM.
Controls: Q A O P Space
             Ext joystick & Int joystick with Enter