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Author Topic: Internal memory expansion (Read 145608 times)

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Re: Internal memory expansion
« Reply #345 on: 2021.March.03. 11:28:46 »
Thank you, Elmer!
This is really fantastic!!!

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Re: Internal memory expansion
« Reply #346 on: 2021.September.21. 16:21:47 »
I only have one 512KB memory expansion board available if anyone wants it! ;-)

Here are my memory board design files for EasyEDA, together with the Gerber files and production order files for anyone that wants to get another batch of boards manufactured at JLCPCB.

I have also included the final "Production" files that I got back from JLCPCB, which have the "Tooling Holes" that JLCPCB added so that they could manufacture the boards.

The only strange thing in the process was that I had to edit the "PickAndPlace" file to rotate the SRAM chip 90 degrees, because EasyEDA had output the file with the wrong orientation.  This was only visible when I uploaded the files to their website, and then looked at rendering of the board before finally confirming the order.


I'm new at the forum, and I don't know were to present myself to forum fellows.

I've recently purchased an Enterprise 64 and I've seen your message saying that you still have one RAM memory expansion for sale.

Can I buy it from you?