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Author Topic: Enterprise PSU (Read 4294 times)

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Enterprise PSU
« on: 2008.November.25. 04:28:19 »
Hi All

My Ent64 arrived and the power supply has a badly fraid cable, easily fixed if I could only get into it. Anyone know how to get into the PSU case, cant seen any screws, it has what looks like 4 recessed screw holes but they are all blank. Anyone had this problem before?


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Re: Enterprise PSU
« Reply #1 on: 2008.November.25. 10:36:09 »
Inside photo
It is not have any screws. It is necessary to flip his bottom out his place. There are four on him fixing pole, which is his intestine, he is grasped into the synthetic resin, these will break off. You may see two poles broken off on the left of the picture. Put adhesive after a correction onto the place of the break, and put it back the bottom part.

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Re: Enterprise PSU
« Reply #2 on: 2008.November.26. 04:03:03 »
Awesome - many many thanks for that photo, exactly the information I was looking for. I have now got the back off my PSU, looks like the one in the photo has the exact same problem mine has, frayed wires at the DC output. Quite a job to get inside but as I knew where to be brutal it all worked out fine.

Thanks again!!!