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Author Topic: Q&A with Bruce Tanner (IS-BASIC writer) (Read 166018 times)

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Re: Q&A with Bruce Tanner (IS-BASIC writer)
« Reply #345 on: 2022.January.09. 21:13:40 »
For the record, the colorised EP keys are very good if you try to teach kids to use the computer. At the beginning younger kids under age of six cannot read all the letters, but they are able to remember partern an positions. I was also 4-5 years old and my favourite key was F5 in the basic because it cleared off the mess i made on the screen. (I was wishing to have the F5 for my room to clean it up.)
 I also liked the STOP with the red color.
 Funny thing is my 4 year old daughter just started to learn the alphabet, and numbers, and the Enterprise helps us a lot. Thus the Enterprise in my point of view is a more generation teaching device for my family.