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Title: Williamsburg Adventure 3
Post by: Zozosoft on 2014.March.27. 20:42:50
It is a "brand new" software from 1985!

Has anyone heard about it previously? We in Hungary never. Once I collected all the known titles from magazines, pricelists, but none of the contained this game!
Now I have just found the Commodore Plus 4 / C16 version (http://plus4world.powweb.com/software/Williamsburg_Adventure_3) in the net. Here it is a part of a series of 5 parts.
A big question: Were the others also released to the Enterprise?

Anyway not a too big and exciting game, but very interesting to find any unknown original EP release in 2014!
Download .BAS (http://enterpriseforever.com/egyeb-temak/milyen-gyari-kazettaid-vannak/?action=dlattach;attach=10407)
Download as text. (http://enterpriseforever.com/egyeb-temak/milyen-gyari-kazettaid-vannak/?action=dlattach;attach=10408)

Very big thanks to Bruce! He won this tape included in an Enterprise 64 auction and gave it to me. Thanks again!