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Title: UK Ebay today
Post by: Tricky on 2007.November.18. 23:26:39
Lots of interest on the auctions that ended tonight on ebay (Sunday 18th November). Got asked a few questions by those people who where selling and bidding etc. so I passed on a link to here !!

So greetings in case your reading this  :)

If your interested in the Enterprise - definately the place to be !!


Title: Re: UK Ebay today
Post by: Tricky on 2007.November.18. 23:42:27
Oh - and I won an auction for a Spectrum emulator for the Enterprise - no documentation and the only things I've seen have been in Hungarian (anyone have any good learn Hungarian software???)

Is there any English information on how to use this? Zozo sent me the link to upgrading it to read disk images etc. - but is there anything about how to use it normally?

Also - any idea how compatible this is with the Spectrum? Does everything work?


Title: Re: UK Ebay today
Post by: geco on 2007.November.19. 09:07:31
You can find documentation here: Spectrum emulator (hu) (http://www.ep128.hu/Ep_Konyv/Spectrum_Emulator.htm)
But this documentation is unfortunately Hungarian and it is for the original Spectrum emulator (it contain the keyboard mapping table).
Spectrum Emulator Improved by Zozo (hu) (http://www.ep128.hu/Ep_Hardware/Ep_Emulator2.htm)
Hungarian documentation for the improved emulator

Which emulator did you buy? The original one, or the improved one?

If I know well,the 80-90% of spectrum programs are running on the emulator.
The programs which has custom loader are not running on the emulator, but most of them has a normal loader version.
Title: Re: UK Ebay today
Post by: Tricky on 2007.November.19. 10:07:19
Thanks Geco (and Zozo) :) The keyboard mapping is going to be very useful as there is no documentation with the one I've bought on ebay.

I'm guessing its the standard version - and it will be a few days before I receive it from the seller. If it is the standard one I will try and get round to upgrading it based on Zozo's links as having to load from tapes will not be a good thing  ;-)


Title: Re: UK Ebay today
Post by: Zozosoft on 2007.November.19. 10:36:28
The original version it's a Plug and Play :-) If you connect to the machine (via the system bus bridge), then start as Spectrum.
Just type LOAD"" (use the keyboard mapping help, it is available by the Fkeys) then load programs from tape.

With the upgraded (ISS3+4.1 ROM), the machine start normally, for the Spectrum mode need to use the :ZX EXOS command.
If you want to use floppy then needed a bus extender card, but on Tricky's Microteam card, I soldered a one expansion slot :-)
For loading programs: download as .TAP or .TZX from the net, and copy to the standard EP disks.
Prefer the .TAP files, because these are not have a special loaders in the most of times.
And simply start the emulation via the :ZX filename.TAP/TZX command.
You also can use the LOAD/SAVE commands in Spectrum mode, if you use these, then a new window opened at the bottom of screen. At this point needed to type a standard EXOS file name for the LOAD/SAVE. For example B:\GAME.TAP

If you want to exit the emulation, then hold down the STOP key, and press once the Reset button, then you returned to the Enterprise mode.
If you press the reset without the STOP key, then Spectrum reset executed.

This is the most important informations, more will coming :-)
Title: Re: UK Ebay today
Post by: Tricky on 2007.November.19. 15:57:11
Thanks Zozo !!

Will need to upgrade the card then !!

Time to build an eprom programmer as well :)