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Title: SIDBasic
Post by: geco on 2017.May.09. 16:17:53
SIDBasic (https://enterpriseforever.com/letoltesek-downloads/enterprise-software/?action=dlattach;attach=17876) by IstvanV, and me ( rest of work and ideas by Istvanv), software SID music player, it plays converted SID music on a pure Enterprise 128KB machine without any hardware addon.
The software is EXOS compatible. If your config has any file handling device ( floppy disk controller, SD Card ) then after pressing ESC file selection menu appears, if you have tape config just load the chosen M64 file.
It decompress 8KB data blocks during playing music, this was the key to be able playing full musics on a 128 KB machine.
Limitations: maximum M64 file length is 24320 bytes which can be loaded (5f00h), SYNC, High Pass, Low Pass filters are not implemented, digi effects can not be played back.
Combined waveforms are not working correctly: in this case the conversion is done with priority noise > sawtooth > triangle > square wave.

1 - play music with internal Dave chip
2 - play music with external 8bit DAC card if exist
3 - raster bar on (it works only 50Hz playback speed musics)
4 - raster bar off
Esc - file selection

Music control speed is done by machine code cycles in this way control frequency is much more flexible than using Nick interrupts for this purpose.
Playback speed on 4MHz machine:
12500 Hz playback speed up to 50 Hz music control speed
11905 Hz playback speed 50 - 120 Hz music control speed
11364 Hz playback speed above 120 Hz music control speed

Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UxG_sjeuyM&t=94s)

Title: Re: SIDBasic
Post by: geco on 2017.May.10. 08:53:24
Music files:
pack1 (https://enterpriseforever.com/letoltesek-downloads/egyeb-misc/?action=dlattach;attach=17453)
pack2 (https://enterpriseforever.com/letoltesek-downloads/egyeb-misc/?action=dlattach;attach=17454)
pack3 (https://enterpriseforever.com/letoltesek-downloads/egyeb-misc/?action=dlattach;attach=17455)
pack4 (https://enterpriseforever.com/letoltesek-downloads/egyeb-misc/?action=dlattach;attach=17463)