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Title: RGB to Composite Video & S-Video converter
Post by: pear on 2016.April.04. 19:37:50
For the purpose of displaying an image with 8-bit computers for video projectors, I built signal converter from RGB to Composite Video and S-Video (SVHS).
Most video projectors do not have RGB input. Hence the idea for the converter (actually PAL encoder).
You can connect monitors to both outputs simultaneously.
Power from any power supply 9..24 V, with any polarity (maybe even only transformer).
Suitable power supplies from the EP, ZX Spectrum, or any other of this type of plug.
On attached photos images of Composite Video output on monitors LCD and CRT, and S-Video output on a CRT monitor connected by a 5m cable.
I have made housing project, but prints 4.5 hours (in attachment).
I still have a few units. Price 34.50 EUR (without housing).
Title: Re: RGB to Composite Video & S-Video converter
Post by: gflorez on 2016.April.05. 14:46:31
The contrary happened to me with an arcade monitor. It had only RGB input so, I couldn't connect for example a Spectrum(composite) to it. Also the phosphor of the CRT tube was wasted out, normal on that type of devices.

The solution?, I'm not an electronics expert as you, so I  bought a second hand high line Sony Trinitron tv of the same proportions and shoved it into the arcade machine... It had the same diagonal inches, so it fitted  perfectly the frame. Only the different curvature of the Trinitron tube didn't fully matched, but it looks acceptable for me now.

It has two Scart connectors, one for RGB, and now I can connect almost anything to it, with a remote control to easily swap video sources and tune the volume.