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Author Topic: L2 replacement board - a HUGE recommendation (Read 2564 times)

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L2 replacement board - a HUGE recommendation
« on: 2023.August.29. 06:39:59 »
Just a quick recommandation to all users with display issues on their belowed EP.

I have had massive issues with my old trusty EP128. Connected to a TV via scart it worked but the picture was a bit fluffy in the edges. However, when I connected it to my RetroTink5X - that normally handles everything and gives ultra sharp HDMI output - the screen was wobbling and the frequencies was all over the place. See example here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/msanhpyo1c5nvzp/BouncyEP.MOV?dl=0

Adjusting L2 improved the wobbling so when I found the L2 replacement board from Kvacko I decided to give it a go. And by god I am glad I did :)

My picture is now sharp and the frequecies stable. See here.

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I can really recommend the L2. The install was easy. And the price of 22 euro including shipping to Denmark was very reasanoble. :smt109
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Re: L2 replacement board - a HUGE recommendation
« Reply #1 on: 2023.August.29. 08:48:32 »
Nice! :smt038
Originally we thought only of machines with broken L2 coil, but after the first tests we found this solution also much better than the working original Nick clock circuit.
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